Native Ads Native Ads Ranked as One of The Best 2021 Traffic Sources. Top 10 Native Ads Networks

Top-10 Best Native Advertising Networks that will help you get Incredible Profit.
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Interest in Native Advertising is growing day by day. This traffic source helps to avoid banner blindness, they provide additional value to the visitor and increase engagement, so CR becomes extremely high. In modern realities, affiliates give preference to native ad. That’s why we decided to prepare a list of the best ad networks for you.

First, we'd like to remind you what native ad is

Native ad is unobtrusive advertising, when a user sees it, he doesn't even realize he's just encountered an advertisement. 

This format is well accepted by the user, so engagement is much higher.

The native adapts to all devices. You can create just one banner, and then the platform will decide in which format it will be displayed. And, most importantly, with this ad format, you will attract potential customers that other ad formats have failed. Spending a minimum of funds you will receive a high conversion rate.

Let's see what native ads look like.

Native ads

A user who wants to lose weight clicks on a diet site. He reads the article and here he sees information about the application that counts calories. His brain takes it not as an advertisement, but as advice from trusted experts. Consequently, he clicks on ads, downloads the app, and affiliates take their money.

There is another type of native ad that is often compared to regular teaser ads. The difference is that native advertising of this type is used as an addition to the information on the site. 

Native ads

For example, a 40+ year old man wants to restore his sexual ability and is looking for ways to achieve desire. He clicks on a site with reviews of miracle pills and notices information on the right about a favorable discount on potency pills. Since he is interested in this issue, he is 98% likely to click on the ad. 

Also, native advertising can be located at the bottom, as a relevant topic to the article above.

Native ads

The most suitable and converting verticals for native advertising:

  • Nutra 
  • Dating
  • Finance 
  • Crypto
  • Games

Why affiliates choose Native Ad

Many affiliates choose Native Ads as their top traffic source. This is no coincidence - In the world of affiliate marketing, there is such a phenomenon as banner blindness now.

Banner blindness reduces the effectiveness of advertising, the click-through rate drops. By comparison, 15 years ago, display ads had a CTR of 20-25%. Now - on the strength of 0.2-0.3%.

Native ad can help overcome banner blindness. For this reason, it is also used by new affiliates who don't wanna waste all money at the start.

How to Choose the Right Native Advertising Platform for Your Campaign

Let's take a look at a list of important qualities of native ad platforms not to be mistaken in choosing the right one.

  • Account management
  • Tracking and reporting
  • Testing
  • Bidding optimization
  • Targeting
  • Retargeting
  • Creative assistance

To make your choice easier, we have prepared a list of the best native ad networks in affiliate marketing today. 

Top-10 Native Ads Networks

#1 Taboola

Top Native Ads Networks

Taboola is known for its creative and engaging native Ads, which could make your product or content with a succeeding increase of traffic.

  • Minimum budget: $100
  • Cost model: CPC
  • Payment methods: Bank Wire/ ACH/ check /Credit card 
  • Offers Verticals: all verticals

Main features: 

  • Quality traffic
  • Top tier geos
  • Decent targeting
  • High CPC rates
  • High budgets
  • Low approval rates

#2 AdCash 

Top Native Ads Networks

Thanks to optimization, AdCash provides its own advertising tools that bring real results. Their platform allows advertisers to target large audiences. AdCash makes affiliate marketing easy, enjoyable, and profitable.

  • Minimum budget: $100
  • Cost model: CPM / CPC / CPA
  • Payment methods: Bank wire/ PayPal /Payoneer /Skrill /Webmoney/ Bitcoin.
  • Offers Verticals: all (Primarily Entertainment, Gaming)

Main features: 

  • Super granular targeting options
  • Top tier GEOs
  • Global reach – 200+ SSPs and Adcash’s exclusive publishers
  • Advanced fraud filters
  • Automated ROI optimization
  • Dedicated account managers and support

#3 DatsPush 

DatsPush is an International Premium Traffic Ad Network. DatsPush has its own unbroken subscriber base, which is more than 6 billion people from 250 countries of the world. With them, you will get great traffic with very fast spin-off. The Ad Network has an excellent field for analysis and analytics.

  • Minimum budget: $50
  • Cost model: CPC
  • Payment methods: WMZ, Сredit Card, Paypal, Paxum, Capitalist, Bitcoin
  • Offers Verticals: Nutra/ Adults/ Sweepstakes/ Dating/ Gambling/ Betting / Crypto / Finance 

Main features:

  • Huge volumes of traffic around the world
  • Advanced Targeting
  • Retargeting
  • Auto blacklist
  • High СTR and CR
  • Traffic with minimal competition across all GEOs
  • Personal Manager
  • Real-Time Statistics
  • Support service 24/7 

#4 EvaDav 

Top Native Ads Networks

Evadav is a results-based advertising network. Their audience has over 60 million subscribers from a wide variety of regions. Evadav is one of the largest targeted niches in the industry.

  • Minimum budget: $50
  • Cost model: CPC/ CPM
  • Payment methods: PayPal/Paxum/Skrill/ePayments/Webmoney/Payoneer/Bank Wire
  • Offers Verticals: Adults/ Sweepstakes/ Dating/ Gambling

Main features:

  • Great traffic quality
  • User-friendly interface and reposts layout
  • Fast moderation
  • Friendly and helpful support

#5 Native ads 

Top Native Ads Networks

Native ads are an attractive native ad option that will give you a better design with widgets that make ads easier to find. Native ads has unique products and layouts that you can find on the platform.

  • Minimum budget: $25
  • Cost model: CPC/ CPM
  • Payment methods: PayPal/Bank Wire
  • Offers Verticals: Adults/ Sweepstakes/ Dating/ Gambling / Nutra / Finance / Education

Main features:

  • Custom Header Bidding Solutions
  • Intelligent Analytics and Reporting
  • Superior Ad Quality
  • Quick and Easy Setup
  • GAM Management
  • PMP Sales

#6 Dable 

Top Native Ads Networks

No. 1 Content Discovery Platform in Korea generating over 22 billion impressions a month. Their system automatically enhances the recommendation quality by reflecting the user’s behavior to the recommendation results. 

  • Payment methods: Bank transfer/ Credit card
  • Offers Verticals: Education/ Sweepstakes/ Dating/ Gambling/ Nutra/ Finance

Main features:

  • Various types of contents
  • Easy campaign manage
  • Automatic Optimization
  • Wide targeting options
  • Personalized Recommendation

#7 MGID 

Top Native Ads Networks

MGID is one of the first native ad networks. MGID offers advertisers traffic from over 3,000 websites and has used the service to date over 165 million people.

  • Minimum budget: $100
  • Cost model: CPC
  • Payment methods: WMZ/ WMR /PayPal /Credit Card
  • Offers Verticals: Business/ Dating /Finance/ Gaming / Gambling

Main features:

  • Quite affordable to get started with
  • Retargeting 
  • Scheduling 
  • Selective Bidding 
  • Dedicated account managers
  • Control on campaign creation

#8 AdGlare 

Top Native Ads Networks

AdGlare tends to be user-friendly, seeing its UI with competitive price rates in the ad serving industry and a free trial.

  • Minimum budget: $199, offers a free trial.
  • Offers Verticals: All verticals

Main features:

  • A/B Testing
  • Ad Inventory Management
  • Banner Management
  • CTR optimization by machine learning
  • GDPR/CCPA compliance settings (no cookies, no PII)


Top Native Ads Networks is a reliable platform that will give you what you are looking for in a short amount of time. It operates in over 174 countries and is considered one of the best platforms for advertisers.

  • Minimum budget: $10
  • Cost model: CPC/CPV/Revshare
  • Payment methods: PayPal/WebMoney 
  • Offers Verticals: Gaming/ Dating/ E-Commerce/ Mobile App/ Health /Forex & Binary

Main features:

  • Payments from $ 10
  • Detailed targeting
  • High CTR
  • Own base of subscriptions
  • 24/7 customer support
#10 RichNative 

Top Native Ads Networks

RichNative is high-quality native traffic source. They bring quality and volume traffic and provide detailed targeting and outstanding features detailed optimization.

  • Minimum budget: $50
  • Cost model: CPC/ CPM
  • Payment methods: Credit/Debit Cards, WebMoney, Wire transfer, E-payments, Paxum
  • Offers Verticals: Nutra/Games/ Finance/ Gambling/ Education / Soft

Main features:

  • Excellent quality of traffic
  • Big volume
  • Professional and timely support
  • User-friendly reporting system
  • A lot of options for optimization
  • A lot of options to deposit accounts

How to make a working creative for Native Ad

Once you have chosen a trusted ad network, you need to think carefully about the creative- the main goal is the highest CTR.

We've prepared some creative tips:

  1. Create non-promotional headlines.
  2. Don't use headlines from PPC ads.
  3. Use the advice or rating method: "We will show you how to...", "We know the place where...", "TOP-10 tips for skincare", etc.
  4. It is undesirable to place text or numbers on the picture.
  5. The image shouldn’t just duplicate the title, but convey emotions.

In conclusion 

As we found out native advertising is a highly effective format that will suit all affiliates. Its main advantage is the absence of banner blindness, so why such ads show a high CTR. 

In order to produce high-quality and engaging content, you need to responsibly choose an advertising platform. And if you are at a loss with the choice of ad network, you can choose from the trust ones that we mentioned in this article.

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