Affiliate Marketing Coronavirus and Traffic Generation: Crisis Marketing Strategies

Coronavirus is pushing harder but affiliate marketing is ready for that. Here you have some effective crisis marketing strategies and instructions on successful money-making by means of traffic generation in 2020.
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Are you also staying at home because of the coronavirus? Many people in this situation fall into despair, coming to the conclusion that the business is finished, and you just need to sit out until this global chaos comes to its end. 

But maybe that's not quite true. 

Let's get this straight. We have carefully studied this issue, consulted with our experts (who are also sitting at home), collected statistics from many sources, and finally, we are ready to tell you how COVID-19 affects traffic generation and how to launch advertising campaigns with this in mind.

Which verticals convert well?

๐Ÿ’ Dating

On the decline.

Although people continue communicating, CPA offers like "one-night stands" have sunk to the bottom simply because it is impossible to meet anyone (unless you enjoy taking risks...).

*We expect an increase in demand for video chat offers. After all, the longer the quarantine lasts, the more people need communication.

๐ŸŽฎ Gaming

Rapid growth.

People stay at home, and since not everyone likes reading, and TV series tend to end, many choose computer games. Especially if they have chats.

๐Ÿ“น Streaming

Launch your campaigns as soon as possible!

Streaming is more profitable than ever. There is no time to explain, just launch the campaign RIGHT NOW.

๐Ÿ› eCommerce

Things are not so good.

Call centers are closed, and postal delivery is not available in many countries.

However, offers with sanitizers and other similar products will work really well in GEO, where delivery still works (however, there are not so many such countries left).

๐Ÿ’ถ Finance/Forex/Crypto


This niche is going crazy. People who have nothing to do just make money sitting at home. The markets are extremely volatile now, and this creates ideal conditions for those who trade oil, precious metals, crypto and, of course, currencies.

But be careful! Avoid CPA offers that require a call center to confirm the lead.



So far, this vertical is almost dead โ€“ there are no sporting events, and all major competitions are canceled until further notice.

But there is one BIG exception โ€“ eSports.

๐ŸŽฐ Gambling

It's high time!

This is a great time for casinos. In other words, casino and poker campaigns are something worth launching right now. Take this opportunity.

๐Ÿ’ป Utility software

Another survivor.

VPN, antivirus software (what an irony!) and other utility software are very hot topics right now. In hard times, people don't leave their smartphones and PCs for long.

๐ŸŽ Sweepstakes


Sweepstakes are the alpha and omega of affiliate marketing. They are still working steadily.

โœˆ Traveling

Rest in peace.

What else can we say? Oh, nothing. For now, forget about this niche.

๐Ÿ Health & Beauty

Not so good.

Theoretically, all these immunity boosters and similar offers could give a great conversion rate but postal services are not very good at delivering goods from certain places. And call centers don't work everywhere, either.

โš™ App Install

Go ahead!

Apps for yoga? For streaming? Now such offers will work perfectly.

GEO - Where to find a HOT profit?

The information below is based on statistics that we were able to collect from our own sources and from advertisers we work with.

  • EUROPE: online offers. Everything that requires postal delivery is a risk, except for local food delivery services. Streaming, gaming, and gambling are the hottest trends.
  • ASIA-PACIFIC REGION: again online and only online.
  • AFRICA: the situation with COVID-19 is not as critical there as in Europe, so you can choose from a wider range of offers.
  • MIDDLE EAST: although delivery works a little better here, choose Forex, streaming and app install.
  • NORTH AND SOUTH AMERICA: try food delivery, supermarket gift cards (sweepstakes) and, of course, offers that don't require offline actions.

Traffic volume

According to our team of analysts, traffic volumes have now reached the highest levels. And this is not surprising - people stay at home and the Internet is their main entertainment.

The number of impressions increased by 34% compared to last week, and desktop traffic got an additional 10%.

How to set up your creatives

Although there is no universal formula that works for any vertical, we have compiled a list of recommendations that will make your creatives more attractive to users.

Key principle:

  1. People are locked up at home, and they are probably bored. So concentrate on entertainment. Ads should attract attention, look interesting and intriguing.
  2. Adjust your usual approach. It is spring, and usually, those who run ads start launching campaigns on summer holidays during this period. But in the current situation, it is more likely that the joyous promises of summer vacation will irritate. So, in any case, it is impossible to run campaigns as if nothing is happening.
  3. Focus on what people can do from the comfort of their homes.
  4. Is there a need to mention coronavirus in ads? Although many of our colleagues use this approach, be careful as some users tend to distance themselves from negative thoughts. If you do decide to mention coronavirus, make your ad look like some news.

Here are some examples of creatives related to the coronavirus theme (found on Affbank):

Tips and comments from experts

Like many other companies, we constantly discuss what is happening and exchange ideas. This is what our strategy and business development specialists say.

Renz Gonzales, Senior Account Strategist at PropellerAds

"The digital advertising landscape will remain fluid, flexible and diverse. In recent years, we have witnessed changes in trends more than once.

There were also predictions that the Popunder format would die out a few years ago, and promises that Push notifications would disappear throughout the industry. This is how I see the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on traffic generators and all participants in the advertising market in the coming weeks, months, and even years:

Offers via live streaming

As more and more countries impose quarantines, people feel that their daily lives are slowing down more. It's amazing to see the growing demand for streaming services. Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu, Disney Plus and many other online streaming platforms are expected to announce revenue growth this quarter. So take advantage of free trial streaming offers and ensure a high profit!


Offers from streaming services go hand in hand with a VPN. People use these services to view the content available in other regions. The demand for this vertical will increase significantly. This will be a great example of the domino effect: both streaming and VPN will show explosive growth and high profits.


All cryptocurrencies are seriously affected by what is happening and contribute to the chaos that is happening around the world. This is the reality. Although a further decline in their value is expected, this can be seen as a great opportunity to play for an increase. Therefore, many will want to invest in Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. The demand for these offers is expected to increase dramatically."

Irina Razvodova, Head of Zeydoo

"If you want to get high conversion rates during a global pandemic, put yourself in the shoes of a user who is sitting at home. People who are caged up at home don't have enough communication, and they have too much free time. Obviously, they will search for new music, the latest news about the coronavirus on news sites, etc. I know that traffic on streaming services is growing at an insane rate โ€“ how can I deprive myself of making money on it?

Betting offers are a bad idea but gamblers won't give up their favorite activity, so look for offers related to casinos, eSports, and sweepstakes with instant prize giveaways (a real game-changer on the market!). In addition to streaming, I would mention other services with free trial periods, such as Apple Music or something like Netflix.

And don't forget about the regular visitors of gyms. What will they do if their favorite gym is closed? That's right, they will install yoga and fitness apps. They are incredibly popular now."

Adriana Butler, Business Development Manager at PropellerAds

"I have some fresh news from several major advertisers, their call centers are not working. Betting profits are falling as sporting events are mostly either canceled or rescheduled. I also noticed that advertisers actively use coronavirus in their creatives (for example, on landing pages and pre-lands)."

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