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What is Gambling Affiliate Marketing? How to make money on it and how much you can earn? How to choose an Offer, a Traffic Source or a Gambling Affiliate Program? Do not miss the opportunity to know more about gambling affiliate marketing from this article.
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A couple of years ago, gambling was just another direction in affiliate marketing traffic. Now, with the invention of new approaches and ways to convert, gambling just broke the market of affiliate marketing, surpassing all other verticals! Everything is focused on them because it is profitable. How to make money on someone else's pleasure - this is what our article is about.

What is gambling in affiliate marketing?

Gambling is a line of work of an affiliate marketer, associated with the promotion of online casino services. An online casino means any site with gambling, regardless of its specialization. Speaking of specializations - recently they have completely ceased to be relevant, online casinos represent all types of gambling games.

  • Slots - Slot machine simulator. Unlike the classic "one-armed bandits", the slots are not 3, but 4 or 5 reels. To win, it is enough to have 3 identical symbols in a row, but if there are more of them, the payout is higher. Also, slots give the opportunity to play bonus free games.
  • Poker room sites that allow you to play the online version of poker. The only significant difference is that the user can play more than at the same table.
  • Betting on sports, horse racing or any other event.
  • The goal of the affiliate marketer in each of these cases is to bring a regular customer to the site and make it fill up the account (and leave the deposit to the site, but this is the advertiser’s concern).

Conversion types, Affiliate marketing models, Commission types

RevShare in gambling

Revenue share or RevShare is a “lifetime revenue” model where the affiliate marketer earns a commission on the profits earned by the users they refer to. The commission starts from 5% to 25%. For example, if the client you referred to gains a profit of 100,000, you will get 25,000 as commission.

It sounds good, but the gaming establishment shares with you not only profits but also losses. And what if a player gets lucky? Then, the affiliate marketer will acquire losses. Therefore, you should work with caution with RevShare. And the players pay for themselves within 2-3 months. And this may be an unaffordable luxury for you.

CPL in gambling

Regarding gambling, this usually means a registration fee. For CPL, most often work with partner networks, as well as for CPA. Whether it is worth working on such terms of cooperation depends on the quality of the traffic. However, it is worth noting that such an interaction option has a certain KPI. Working conditions may vary depending on the advertiser, but, often, conversion from registration must be at least 10%.

CPA in gambling

The most common type of interaction is the payment of a deposit. The minimum deposit is negotiated by the advertiser - with rare exceptions, it ranges from 1 to 5$.

Here it is worth mentioning another point. Usually, 50+ dollars is paid for the deposit to the affiliate marketer. But the advertiser does this with the expectation that the user will play actively. During the week, the player's behavior is analyzed. Users who have thrown in a minimum deposit and no longer play, advertisers do not really like it. And they may not even pay for them.

A hybrid version of cooperation with the advertiser

A hybrid version combines the principles of work on CPA and RevShare. For each deposit, you receive a conditional amount of about 20$. Then, with each payment made by the player, a certain percentage arrives to you. The greater the number of players given - the greater the percentage. So you can earn up to 40% of the user's deposit.

Separately, it is worth noting that about the interaction options you need not be afraid to communicate with your support. If you are doing your job well, then they can change the working conditions, and the rate, and much more.

The target audience

Immediately identify our target audience - This is a man of 25-45 years old, with an average level of wealth, gambling and impulsive. He works a lot, but he has no time to fully relax - he is ready to spend time at the computer. Most likely, this is a small business owner or the head of one of the departments of a large company. This user wants to disperse the routine - this is what he is looking for in an online casino.

When working with a target audience for gambling, it is worth remembering a few simple rules.

The younger the audience, the lower its solvency. 18-25 we do not need the word "absolutely." 45+ is also not quite suitable, although among them there may be some we want. Mostly players from 25 to 45 years.

The average level of wealth is a priority. Oligarchs and other non-poor people are not really our fish. And poor people peck well on all sorts of bonuses and chances to get fabulously rich. But such users are of little interest in advertising - the CPA rate will not be repulsed. Therefore, you need to focus on the middle class.

Giving bright emotions. Fans of thrills, for which winning is not so important - this is exactly what advertisers need. If this is a high roller, high stakes fan, then a single client can feed the affiliate marketer on the RevShare model for years!

This is all about gambling. Betting is different. Betting is a bet, therefore, here, on the contrary, they honor the possibility of a quick win. So here we are looking for the young and foolish.

So, once again: for gambling, we are looking for 25-45 years old people with average incomes, and for betting - 18-25 with low income.

Where to look? The users we need are full in online cinemas, various network toys, websites dedicated to cars or sports. Excellent traffic in gambling goes through adult.

Working gambling bundles

When we have dealt with the target audience, it is worth noting that the bundles for its individual segments should be different. The most valuable segment - labor lovers, who play not for the sake of profits, but solely by virtue of excitement. They will be able to attract:

  1. Bonuses Something like "200 free spins for a deposit and so on." It is important to mention the gaming terminology, so we will be able to isolate the gamblers.
  2. Jackpots and record win. Gamblers are interested, such information impresses and attracts them. However, do not advertise  "wrong" numbers - only truthful information.

The following bundles are unlikely to attract gamblers. However, an audience interested in gambling can gather. The main thing here is not to overdo it since freeloaders can come running over. This is usually bad business for the advertiser.

  1. “People are massively quitting their jobs - a steep earnings strategy has leaked on the Web.” Something like that. The main thing - do not talk about winning directly. The news should be veiled.
  2. Blogs - These can be posts of successful players, strategies - the main thing is that it does not look like an advertisement. It is important that the user believes that he can beat the casino (this, of course, is not so).

Gambling Affiliate Marketing

Traffic sources for gambling in 2019

As with any other vertical, with gambling, it is important to maintain a balance between the payback of traffic from both the advertiser and affiliate marketer. In other words, so that you have a positive ROI. To do this, it is important to know from which source to buy traffic. So, this year's gambling trend is an application.


This is not exactly a source of traffic, rather, a way to convert it - the traffic itself comes from the FB or Instagram, where you advertise the application. In fact, this is a mobile version of an online casino - the user directly enters an online casino using the application. It is very convenient: firstly, the ability to play is always at hand. Secondly, push-notifications on the phone will not allow the player to forget about the app. More applications are described in this article.


Another top source of traffic for gambling, which we have already spoken about. It is inexpensive, and the exhaust can be very cool. It does not need clo@cking, you can beat in the forehead. The main thing is not to lie and avoid flashy headlines like “$ 500 to the account for registration” - the lead will be more expensive, but better.

Native Ads

One of the trends of affiliate marketing in 2019. The format is quite fresh and requires running in, testing, but even so, native ads show quite good results. The essence is simple - advertising info is being introduced as part of the content of the site. Native ads present the adverts to the readers in a subtle way so that the readers do not associate it with an advert. The visitors on the site are more likely to read and click on the native ad. At the same time, the native is not hidden by ad blockers, which makes it especially valuable.


One of the most popular sources of traffic, although for gambling it is relevant almost exclusively in conjunction with applications. It is worth remembering that Facebook has rather complicated the life of the affiliate marketers, tightening the rules for advertising campaigns.


FB does not like gambling and accounts are banned for advising. Therefore, either you use several accounts at once (perhaps even a couple of dozen), or you are engaged in a cesspool - masking the ad. Well, or you are advertising the applications that we talked about above. There are exits, in general, especially since the FB has a solvent audience.


There are two options for working with the "cart". The first is to drive traffic from the same VK to the telegram channel, and from there to the landing page. Or buy posts from the owners of popular channels. For example, an advertising post on an entertainment channel will work well. The main thing is that the audience was alive.

Traffic from their sites

It requires a lot of work. Need plus or minus good content and non-template design. The site itself may be blocked by the RKN at any moment, you need to have a mirror on hand. All this makes working with gambling sites traffic rather complicated.

Email distribution

Meh... It has long been jaded and without a good base - zero sense. But affiliate marketers still, and even pour effectively. So you should not discard the newsletter altogether.

Clickunder and Popunder

A lot of junk traffic, but it is cheap. Therefore, here ROI can be very high. It is worth confusing with the blacklist and in general - actively check what attracts users and what does not.


The platform is still largely untapped. But advertising gambling is not prohibited here, so you can and should use such a source of traffic. The main thing - to develop a strategy. Now the best is the purchase of advertising from a blogger or a direct video of the promoted resource with links in the description.


Not so long ago wrote an article about them. With the development of search engines, doorway pages have practically lost any sense for gambling. Now successful cases with doorway online casinos are the exception rather than the rule. Doorways in 2019 are engaged only by pros who, for some reason, are tied to such a traffic source. But for a beginner, it is difficult and useless.

Gambling Affiliate Marketing

How to determine a good gambling offer?

A good offer is one that makes money. However, in addition to this, there are other things that are worth paying attention to.

  1. Short and simple registration form. The less data the user drives, the better. The chicest when registering occurs at all in one click, through the binding of social networks. Why is it important? In gambling, momentum is important. It is necessary that the user began to play as soon as possible. Along registration prevents this.
  2. Mobile version. Again, the user should be able to play immediately, as soon as he saw the advertisement. The mobile version is the ability to play without being tied to a place.
  3. Bonuses Here you should not lie. It is necessary to display only those buns that the advertiser himself offers. In general, advertisers do not like freeloaders, so bonuses are an important thing, but the entire campaign cannot be built on it.
  4. No glitches. Check the site itself and all its features and options. If something is not working or is inconvenient, let them know about the recruit, they will be grateful.


Gambling is popular with affiliate marketers for the second year already - all thanks to new traffic sources. Moreover, there are no general, averaged indicators for the conversion rate, it all depends on the specific offer and the source or even the approach.

But time statistics are available. So, in the spring and summer weekends, the activity of users is low, but on weekdays - the opposite. The evening, from 16 to 22 hours, is the most favorable time to hook the user. In autumn and winter, on the contrary, the weekend is more active.

GEO. It depends on the offer, and there are dozens, if not hundreds. In addition to the Russian Federation, Kazakhstan, and Ukraine, buying traffic is meaningless. In Arab countries, gambling is prohibited, as well as in China. Africa is also unlikely to bring you profit. The rest of the countries are worth your effort.

How much can you earn on gambling?

  • Offer - [WAP + WEB] Wizard / IT SOI Sign
  • Period of sending traffic: 05/11/2018 - 05/27/2018
  • The average cost per click: $ 0.025
  • Spent: $ 1818.6
  • Received: $ 3,700.2
  • Profit: $ 1881.6
  • Average ROI: 107.5%

The story of pushes and Italy brought $ 1,800 in profit. Nothing much was done - just correctly filed advertising. Italy is loyal to online casinos, so there was no need to work too much.

  • Traffic:
  • CPA network: 3snet
  • Offer: Vulcan Casino
  • Period of sending traffic: 01/19/2019 - 01/20/2019
  • GEO: Russia Spent: $ 290
  • Income: $ 1170
  • Profit: $ 880
  • ROI: 303%

Same. A minimum of effort - peeped creatives, good bonuses, the right time and GEO. No special profit secrets.

And now let's imagine that you are really investing in such a campaign. How much can you raise?

  • Affiliate:
  • Offer: Platinum Volcano with a wide geo
  • Traffic Source: Instagram Blogger Story
  • Spent: $ 1850
  • Received: 3245 $
  • Profit: $ 1395
  • ROI: 75%

More thorough work has already been done here - contracts with bloggers, scoring schemes, working out the negative in PM. And so, the result was not slow.

Gambling affiliate programs to work with

CVC Affiliates 

Commissions: 25-35%

Top Brands: PartyCasino, bwin, PartyPoker

Best Online Gambling Affiliate Programs

This affiliate program has 2 of the top gambling brands in the world. Bwin is the most popular and has the casino, sports betting, and poker site. PartyPoker and PartyCasino are also very popular in the online gambling world. 

The commissions are the same for all the offers and are competing with other offers in this same category.

Here are some of the countries where it is good to promote the offers: France, Belgium, Germany, Spain, Italy, and the UK.

It is not possible to promote in the USA.

FortuneJack Affiliates

Cookie: 30 days

Commission: 25-55%

Best Online Gambling Affiliate Programs

FortuneJack Casino is a Bitcoin casino brand that started in 2014, and they created the affiliate program called FortuneJack Affiliates. The owners have been in the casino business for more than 20 years. Their packages are one of the best in among other online casinos including blackjack, dice, live casino, casino, etc. They use an in-house affiliate tool to track sales and provide marketing materials, performance reports, and monthly commission payouts. Their commissions are paid out in cryptocurrencies. 

Ignition Casino

Cookie: Lifetime

Commission: 25-45%

Best Online Gambling Affiliate Programs

Ignition Casino is a casino and online poker room with many entertaining casino games. They offer a secure gaming platform with a mobile-friendly website. New users get a $2000 welcome bonus and many promotions and bonus offers. Their affiliate program is managed by Best Partners and they use Income Access affiliate software. Affiliate marketers can promote their products using text links, banner ads, and content provided by Ignition Casino. Affiliates can also use the affiliate dashboard to track their referrals, sales, payouts, and commissions.


Cookie: Session

Commission: $25 for a first deposit

Best Online Gambling Affiliate Programs

Users are able to compete for real cash in the WorldWinner skill-based online tournaments. They have many interesting games such as Angry Birds, Wheel of Fortune, Solitaire Rush, Vegas Nights, etc. Their machining system is fair and challenging. Affiliates can use their websites, social media, and Youtube channel to promote WorldWinner’s world-class brands.

Bovada.Iv Poker

Cookie: Lifetime

Commission: 10-35%, up to 45% casino

Best Online Gambling Affiliate Programs

Bovada.Iv Poker makes life easy for its users by providing information on how to set up their accounts and start their online poker career. It provides users from North America a platform to play poker tournaments and video poker. They also have a wide variety of other casino games and sports betting services. Best Partners manages its affiliate program using Income Assess software. Affiliates are also provided with tracking tools and creatives for them to get started.

Below, we have provided you with definitions of the terms used in this article, you can refer to them if you do not understand any term

Bonus: Gambling dictionary

Gambler - Pathological dependence on gambling. Accordingly, a foodman is an avid player who does not control his addiction.

Abuser, Freeloader - Usually receives bonuses for registering with a casino, and then withdraws funds and safely forgets about the site.

Advancer - The player with the strategy. He plays only that game on that site, which he believes will bring profit.

Bet - Bid or bet.

Buy-in - Entry fee for playing poker.

Bluff - The tactics of the user in the card games, during which he uses psychological techniques.

Home bombshell - The lowest possible rate.

Hosting - A type of gambling fraud, where a player uses another player’s account and gives them a part of the interest from the winnings.

Hot table - The table at which lucky players sit for a long time.

Double - Doubling the bet. Triple - tripling.

Jackpot - Big win, well in excess of normal amounts.

Bankroll - All the money that a player can use in the game.

Whale - The player who puts a lot of money. The same as the high roller.

Ludo stream - Live broadcast of gambling, with or without comments.

One-armed bandit - Another name for classic slots in a real casino.

All in Action - when a player puts at stake the entire amount available.

Bonus Hunter - The user who displays bonus funds immediately after receiving them. Administrations do not like these.

Drain - Absolute loss of funds.

Spin - Rotation slot or roulette.

Time Cat - The time limit for making a decision on the game.

Fail - Minimum win when waiting for a large amount.

Download and no-download - Online casino customers. In the first case, the program must be downloaded, in the second - you can play online.


Gambling affiliate programs are very profitable if you find the right platform and geo to use. Make sure you do your research well. Also, the time of the day and year is a factor in your success as a gambling affiliate marketer. So, you should always put that into consideration. 

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