Sweepstakes How to Run Sweepstakes: Choosing offer and GEO

RichPush shares tips on how to successfully choose offers & GEOs for driving traffic from sweeps, and improve overall ROI.
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Sweepstakes offers have always been one of the most popular and top performing verticals in affiliate marketing. RichPush, a quality push ad network, shares tips on how to successfully choose offers & GEOs for driving traffic from sweeps, and improve overall ROI. 

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Talking about Sweepstakes, for skilled specialists, all the offer types and GEOs would work (in different ways) and help you earn money. It all depends on your preferences. But often, especially at the very start, deciding which offer-GEO combination for the affiliate to promote plays a significant role in sweepstakes campaign success. 

How to choose the type of Sweepstakes offers

There 4 main types of Sweepstakes offers for you to choose:

  • SOI (Single Opt-In).

Working with this type, you encourage the user to fill in some personal data and enter their e-mail address. After that, the conversion is counted.

  • DOI (Double Opt-In).

This one is a bit more complicated in comparison to SOI: one more step is added. After the user provides answers and e-mail entry, they will have to confirm registration.

SOI and DOI offers let you gain some expertise with low budgets and costs affordable for newbies. 

Besides, there are some advertisers who benefit from buying and selling information like questions that could be of value to other adverts.

  • CC Submit (Credit Card Submit). 

In addition to a questionnaire, the user provides the credit card data. A small amount of money can be written off to check the card details. Obviously, it’s one of the most difficult types to convert.

  • Mobile subscriptions. 

In case of this type, the user takes about three steps: provides a mobile phone number, receives an SMS, returns to the offer and pastes the code from the message. 

How to choose GEO for each type

According to RichPush traffic insights, SOI and DOI offers proved to convert easily in Tier 1 or developed, countries. 

The reason is that competition among advertisers is huge. They have the challenge to grab users’ attention to their offer. Thus, they often purchase users’ information for their business and promotion goals. 

Vice versa, in Tier 2 and 3 countries, these kinds of offers have arrived not so long time ago, and payouts are still quite small. 

And on the whole, the payouts from SOI and DOI offers are the lowest among all other Sweepstakes offers. It works this way: the simpler the user’s action, the less money you’ll get for the conversion.

As mentioned above, CC Submit is quite difficult to reach a lot of conversions from. But the good news is that affiliate commissions may increase even up to $40. 

This type commonly works well in EU countries like the Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, Italy, France, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Belgium.

In particular, the highest payouts would be for Tier 1 countries like Germany, Great Britain, or the US, but the competition for the traffic will be higher at the same time.

CC Submit offers are quite fresh for Tier 2 and 3 countries as well. It’s hard to earn the user’s trust, and it takes a lot of affiliate marketing effort to let people know it’s safe. Obviously, people are not eager to leave their credit card details even when such offers are quite unfamiliar. 

You could also roll the dice in developing South Asian countries like Malaysia or Singapore or in developed Middle Eastern countries. 

As for Mobile subscriptions, they perform well in almost all countries all over the world, but especially popular they’ve become in the Latin America region.

Remember, Tier 1 countries are considered the most competitive for all verticals. Tier 3 countries are the least competitive ones.

Quick tips you may have forgotten

  • Translate the landers to the native languages of the countries where you’re running campaigns. It could increase your chances to achieve high ROI. 
  • Set up conversion tracking. RichPush customer success managers usually guide clients through a campaign optimization process.
  • Remember that optimization lets you blacklist low performing sources and adjust the targeting settings to get better results. 

To support building your strategies and running successful campaigns, the RichPush team offers a $200 bonus to new advertisers or existing advertisers with zero balance who haven’t deposited since Feb, 25. 

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