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What if we say that you can create your own affiliate program with minimal financial and time investment?
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If you had the experience working with affiliate programs, you would probably have thoughts on launching one of your own, and it doesn't come as a surprise. CPA Affiliate Program is a modern and reliable solution connecting advertisers and media buyers together into mutually beneficial relations. From one side, it allows advertisers to boost sales while saving advertising budget. From the other side, media buyers can choose offers on their own, drive traffic and make money on targeted actions. As you can see, it’s a perfect win-win! 

Despite the lucrative idea that you can earn money on the total turnover, not everyone moves further - building your own affiliate program from scratch is a lengthy and costly process. But what if we say that you can create your own affiliate program with minimal financial and time investment?  

The solutions that you need is an affiliate marketing cloud platform, such as Affise. And below we will provide you with practical instruction on how you can start and manage your affiliate program at Affise.

What is Affise?

Affise is a SaaS marketing platform that is built for the needs of affiliate business. It fits perfectly for launching your own CPA network and provides the all-in-one solution to manage, track, analyze and optimize online advertising campaigns in real-time.   

Affise has been on the market since 2015 and greatly expanded since then. Headquartered in Lithuania, it now has offices in different parts of the world: Belarus, India, Israel, Cyprus, and China. Affise is constantly working on introducing new features and enhancing the current functionality. Owing to its prompt updates it gained recognition among top affiliate players. 

What’s most important, Affise allows you to optimize the process by bringing together media buyers and advertisers. Simply put - this is an opportunity to create your affiliate program for everyone. 

To launch your affiliate program at Affise you need: 

  • $0 for technical functioning points (platform testing);
  • account manager (you can handle it yourself);
  • advertising budget;
  • offers;
  • approximately 1 week to launch the program.

Don't worry if you don't know something. Everything is already built in the system, you just need to configure the settings for your program and your affiliates. Besides, you can also address the detailed documentation or get advice from your personal manager or support team. 

How does the process look like?

Once you submit a request at the website Affise manager contacts you to clarify details about your business and needs. They walk you through the platform features and provide a demo. During a 30-day free trial, Affise onboarding specialist provides you with unlimited free training sessions, helping to set up an account, add first offers and integrate with advertisers and publishers.

How to Create Your Own Affiliate Program

If you don't have a database of advertisers you work with yet, there is another option for you - Affise’s tool CPAPI, that serves as an intermediary between sources of offers and Affise. It allows you to add hundreds and thousands of offers from advertising platforms into your network.   

What's in the box? Let's have a look at the admin panel of Affise platform:

How to Create Your Own Affiliate Program

After authorization, you get to the dashboard with customizable widgets. By default, you see the statistics for today and the chart for 30 days. Also, you can go to accounts of your partners directly from the interface, see tickets, top media buyers and bar-charts on caps.

How to Create Your Own Affiliate Program

You can configure the dashboard through the easy-to-use widget constructor:

How to Create Your Own Affiliate Program

All the data is immediately grouped and displayed for your convenience: 

How to Create Your Own Affiliate Program

As for the other sections of the platform, you can also find statistics, offers, advertisers, SmartLinks, automation, partners, tickets, billing, users, news and settings. Let's have a closer look at each of them.

Statistics. Tracking allows networks and advertisers to get statistics on their ad campaigns' performance. According to the received data networks and advertisers can monitor and improve their advertising performance. At Affise dashboards, you can view data based on all sorts of filters (offer, country, city, device, advertiser, time, IP, OS, KPI, etc.).  

How to Create Your Own Affiliate Program

Offers. This section is responsible for monitoring, adding and editing offers and products which affiliates further choose to promote. Here in the settings, you can specify a description, GEO, tracking, types of traffic, rates (RS / CPA / CPI) with fixed payouts or percentage of total payouts, and so on. 

How to Create Your Own Affiliate Program

Advertisers. Advertisers section serves as a database of advertisers you work with. Here you can see current active advertisers and also add new ones, also record and analyze the statistics of your advertisers.

SmartLinks. You have a separate field where you can create “SmartLinks” for automatic distribution of traffic by GEO, device and other known parameters to offers. By using the machine learning algorithm SmartLinks allow clients to automate complex processes and show offers that are most likely to be converted.

How to Create Your Own Affiliate Program

Automation. Here you can automate work with different offers based on CR percentage under specific conditions that you set for each advertiser or an ad campaign. Also, fraud prevention tool is soon coming in this section. 

Affiliates. This is a directory of all partners of your network. Through it, you can assign a personal manager, block a partner, go to their accounts, view statistics and more.

Tickets. The ticketing system is a way of communication between clients and their affiliates.

How to Create Your Own Affiliate Program

Billing. On the basis of performance here you can create requests for advertiser invoicing and publisher crediting. 

Users. Affise platform supports different roles and provides everyone with their own account according to their responsibilities in the affiliate network. 

News. Here you can inform affiliates about any changes and news in the program, such as special offers, discounts, referral programs, contests, etc. The visual editor with various settings enables you to attract more attention to your message. 

Settings. This section includes options for configuring the interface, content and everything else that is necessary for the proper functioning of the affiliate program.

How to Create Your Own Affiliate Program

Affise Marketplace. A special section in the admin panel, Affise Marketplace allows you to work with third-party services to optimize your day-to-day routines and workflow across a range of capabilities: billing, fraud detection, BI event streaming, CR optimization, lead generation and more.

How to Create Your Own Affiliate Program

On a separate note, we would like to draw your attention to online support right in the admin's page. By clicking on the chat button, a window immediately opens, where you can get a prompt answer to your question 24/7. 

How much does it cost?

Affise is the first of a kind platform, who applied “Pay-for-conversion” pricing basis instead of “pay-per-click”. It helps you to predict your budget and hold it within approved limits. You can choose one out of three pricing plans depending on a number of conversions and features stack:

How to Create Your Own Affiliate Program

Let's sum up the advantages of working on the Affise cloud platform:

  1. Almost $ 0 to start + free onboarding package;
  2. User-friendly interface available in several languages;
  3. Great online support and a dedicated Customer Success Manager;
  4. Reasonable pricing plans;
  5. High stability of tracking servers;
  6. Frequent updates;
  7. Rich technological functionality.

Here are some affiliate networks that use Affise                

How to Create Your Own Affiliate Program

Instead of conclusion 

Don't forget that you can create your affiliate program completely free of charge during the trial period. For this just leave a request on the company's website and contact the manager. Good luck with rocking the affiliate industry! 

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