Adult Traffic High-Quality Adult Traffic Without Bans: TrafficStars Review

Practical knowledge on how to do it all right with the adult traffic from one of the biggest advertising network.
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Every day it becomes more difficult to launch offers for adults on Facebook and Google - accounts live less, apps are getting banned, and aggressive creatives simply do not pass moderation. But we have what we have. After all, the animal desire to find a "hot" mate for one stand night, have a good time online, or increase the private parts has not gone away.

We suggest you consider a simpler option - targeted sources of adult traffic, sites for adults that provide a wide range of advertising formats, and allow you to pour almost any offers without cloaking and restrictions in creatives!

Traffic here is much cheaper, there is a lot of traffic, but for high-quality work, we strongly recommend that you use a tracker to filter traffic, or search for platforms with premium web sites. 

How much does the traffic cost? How not to lose money? Let's take it all on the example of TrafficStars, one of the biggest advertising platform.

Working with Adult traffic using TrafficStars as an example

International advertising network TrafficStars started its work in 2014 and today has more than 3 billion unique impressions per day. They offer premium traffic from such giants as xHamster, Spankbang,, GotPorn, etc. The system has a high level of anti-fraud so the traffic is good, high-quality, so we can recommend it to you – just go and log in. The network has managers who will help with the launch and give advice on working with adult traffic.

Among the advertising formats are the following: classic banners, native ads, video ads (prerolls, IM sliders, Video X Pre-Roll, PopUnder, Push traffic and Full-page Interstitial (full-page ads between pages).

TrafficStars has a large volume of traffic for any GEO, the main part is in Tier-1 countries - US, DE, UK, FR, JP, IT, CA, ES but there are also cheaper countries like BR, IN, TH, etc. You can find out the traffic volume for a specific country from your personal Account Manager.

Traffic can be redeemed using the following models: CPC, CPM, DCPM (dynamic bid with a limit value-specify the maximum amount that you are willing to pay and the system selects the optimal bid). You can always find out the latest bids for the desired region and targeting from your personal Manager!

What is the best approach with the adult sources? Oddly enough, one of the major verticals is Finance and Crypto. Besides, it's Adult Dating, Games, Webcam, Adult commodities (enlargers, means for potency, offers-exciters).

The easiest way to see how your competitors are actually working with this traffic is to monitor those very websites (the job is a piece of cake). If you need it, turn on the proxy:

High-Quality Adult Traffic

Or, if your budget allows, buy a spy service, such as Adplexity Adult or SpyTeg.

It also makes sense to target categories for niche offers. For example, Hentai converts perfectly in adult games, gay-gay dating. You can test categories that are interesting mainly for older, solvent men (the target audience of almost all offers).

There is more than one study on sexual preferences and such simple things can really increase the CR and quality of traffic for the advertiser, but you need to check it in practice on real examples.

Back to TrafficStars: how to work with the source? Let's take it in stages:

1. Register and confirm your account.

2. Create a campaign with the necessary parameters in mind, in our case, it's native to the United States with broad targeting (then we analyze the websites and make a black/white list).   In TrafficStars, you can choose the most detailed targeting: advertising format, GEO, region, category, keywords, browser language, device type, OS, browser, connection type, mobile operator, IP ranges, traffic type (Prime, RON, Members Area), price model, daily budget of the advertising campaign and traffic distribution mode (EVEN or ASAP), frequency of impressions per user and schedule of impressions.

High-Quality Adult Traffic

3. Select the schedule of impressions, set the bid and limits:

High-Quality Adult Traffic

4. Upload creatives and send them to moderation.

High-Quality Adult Traffic

The creative itself can be banned, so here's a lovely cat :)

The first traffic is already coming after moderation and all data is included in our "campaign list". Here you can filter and analyze data in detail. Statistics are quite detailed and generally cover the need for a tracker. 

High-Quality Adult Traffic

But if you work with multiple ad networks, the tracker will make your work much easier.

How to make a deposit?

The minimum deposit amount is $100. You can add funds via PayPal, Wire, Paxum, Visa/MasterCard.

As we have already said, the advertising network is international.


Adult offers are an evergreen niche that will never lose its relevance. The situation is rather the opposite - users are increasingly going online, and their online spending on ”entertainment " is growing. Dating, flirting online, cyber, and webcam are already the need of most men. 

The only problem is that all major "white" traffic sources (social networks, contextual advertising) prevent such advertising with modern AI, and it becomes more and more difficult to drive traffic from these sources.

That is why we recommend that you take a closer look at thematic advertising networks whose audience is created for adults, and support, on the contrary, will advise you on the best ways to work with traffic (without any ban) from their sources. The ability to work with traffic is more important here, rather than farming and launching hundreds of accounts – your nerves will definitely be all right.

Unfortunately, there are not so many good networks with high-quality traffic, but TrafficStars is a great example. The platform has exclusive premium platforms as well as a wide range of features that allows you to get targeted traffic in a large volume.

Test new traffic sources and earn more!

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