Affiliate conferences World Affiliate Show 2021: What Was it Like?

For those who weren't able to attend World Affiliate Show 21 held on 10th of June in Moscow, here's our quick recap.
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On June 10, the World Affiliate Show 2021 took place in Moscow, which became the largest offline event in affiliate marketing in recent years. Over 3,000 participants, a diversified conference program, lively pre, and after-parties - all this brought together the main figures of the industry, who have had time to pine for live communication and accumulate interesting cases and stories to share with their colleagues.

Before discussing business, attendees were able to participate in one of seven pre-parties with their own themes. The CPA.Club pre-party received special praise and, of course, everyone remembered the two McLarens exhibited by Clicklead.

The entertainment was held at a high pitch — music, bar, wine casino, hookahs from Blackburn, models in thematic costumes, and the list goes on and on. The weather mixed up the cards for some participants who complained about the conference organization: the pavilions could hardly accommodate all the guests who were hiding from the rain indoors. However, all participants reported afterwards that the amount and quality of networking made up for any inconveniences and the organisers deserve a kudos for making it happen.

The whole event was conceived, backed by major sponsors such as Pin-Up Partners, and organized in just a few months, so some of the rough edges are understandable.

After overcoming the queues at the registration, conference participants began to do what they came for: networking, discussing the latest trends in the industry, and signing new agreements on the spot. There were a lot of people to talk to because all the industry leaders and new stars of Russian/CIS and international affiliate communities were there - Anton Voystrikov (Clicklead), Artyom Prokofiev (Gambling.PRO), Luca Montana (Money Kings), Rafael "Sensey" Gabitov (Indigo Browser) and many, many others.

The conference itself had an intense program: more than 70 sponsor booths, round tables, speakers, and master-classes in a private area, where experts showed how to drive traffic live. Many participants noted that after a long break in offline activities, companies creatively prepared for the conference, trying to stand out with their booths and presentations.

Many came to WAS’21 to meet and discuss the changes in the industry and the latest rumors. The hottest topics of discussion were the promising markets — Latin America and CIS, new Facebook restrictions, and Russian online payment regulations.

After old acquaintances were finally able to hug and new ones exchanged business cards, it was time for the after-party, sponsored by Alpha Affiliates. The concert hall gathered the attendees for a big show with dance numbers and fiery music, those who couldn't make their way into the hall scattered around the street area in groups, sharing their impressions after the forum and plans for new meetups both offline and online.

Our summary

Despite some organizational challenges, World Affiliate Show 2021 was the central and definitely the biggest offline event of the year for anyone interested in affiliate marketing.

Our rating: 9 out of 10 stars (minus one for the weather) and a definite must-go next time. 

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