Landing Page Top 10 Affiliate Marketing Landing Pages That Convert: Just Steal Them

Conversion of visitors is one of the most important processes in affiliate marketing. This process is mostly done through the landing page. This guide will show you how to build a killer landing page that converts.
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Landing pages are one of the key things when creating a campaign. It is important for it to be good-looking, draw attention, have superb animations, fine application of negative space and rule-of-three layout. All these will not matter if the landing page does not convert. So, we are here to show you and give examples of how to make a high-converting landing page.

What makes a landing page convert?

In affiliate and online marketing it is all about testing. Together with our knowledge and experience in this area, we have also gathered information on the key features of a landing page that gives it a high-converting rate.

Having captivating images and videos

The primary video or image on the landing page is the first thing that the visitors will see when they land on the page. You need to make it captivating so that the visitor will want to know more about the product or service you are promoting. The image or video needs to demonstrate your product or service in use.

Call to action 

The call to action button is vital on your landing page. That is the one thing you want the visitors to interact with. Make sure that there are no secondary links on the landing page that may sway the visitor to another location other than the intended website.

State your proposition clear using a captivating header and subheader

On the landing page, you need to give the visitor enough reason to be converted or click on the CTA button. You need to state the benefits your offer has for the visitor.

Include proof and testimonies 

This is also an important factor on your landing page as it will boost your converting percentage when people read about how your product or service has benefited others. You can put on the landing page in the form of reviews, testimonies, etc. This will surely increase the trust of the visitor.

Examples of high-converting landing pages

Before we begin with the examples, there are some things you should take note of. The landing pages we have provided here have from 500 to about 100,000 visitors with a conversion rate of at least 30%. The conversion rate differs and may be affected by different factors other than the landing page. For example the niche or vertical. Also, the quality of traffic will affect the conversion rate significantly. If the traffic is coming from poorly-targeted ads, then you should expect a low conversion rate. 


Social Media industry with a conversion rate of 46.94%!

Top Affiliate Marketing Landing Pages That Converts

Promo’s hint for high-conversion: increase visitor engagement and get conversions using videos.

Videos are one of the best methods to get engage your visitors and get a high conversion rate. Even if they are just moving pictures, your conversion rate can go up to about 80%. 

Just have a good video will not do. Your call-to-action button has to be top-notch. Then you can ice the cake with good testimonies. 


Education with a conversion rate of 52.68%.

Top Affiliate Marketing Landing Pages That Converts

edX’s hint for high-conversion: make sure the benefits of the offer are crystal clear and simplify your pitch.

Rather than stuffing the visitor with lots of information that are not necessary at this stage, try as much to simplify the benefits of the offer in simple bullet points. The fact that the visitors are on the landing page shows that they at least have some interest. Now, all you need to do is to make sure that they know the exact benefits they will get if they purchase your offer. This will motivate them to click on the call-to-action button. 

Simply Business

Insurance industry with a conversion rate of 62.26%.

Top Affiliate Marketing Landing Pages That Converts

Simply Business’s hint fo high-conversion: Present complex products or services in a simple way.

We all know how complex and complicated insurance can be. People need to know about the deductibles, liabilities, prohibited risks, and other terms that you may not even know what they mean. 

Simply Business has noticed that people found a way to simplify that complex process into simple steps that can be put on the landing page. Most often, people are discouraged by lots of information. So, it is wise to simplify the information and let them understand the basics. With this, you will see an increase in your conversion rate. The more complex information can come in the later steps.


Social Media industry with a conversion rate of 57.92%.

Top Affiliate Marketing Landing Pages That Converts

Later’s tip for high conversion: Balance your incentives and maintain the conversion scent.

People easily get distracted and turn to be less interested if there are not clear cut steps of doing something. Most often you are required to guide every that comes to your landing page. Without that guidance, they will often stray away. This guidance does not start only on the landing page, the ads and creative also need to be informative. 

The instructions on the landing page should be clear and simple. For example, “input your email address for access to the guide”. If it starts demanding for too much information and people may shy away.

The Listing Lab

Real Estate industry.

Top Affiliate Marketing Landing Pages That Converts

The Listings Lab’s tip for high conversion rates: Always focus on the offer and use simple designs.

Most often people think that they need a killer design to impress the visitors. That is not always the case. Sometimes, a simple design will do the trick. People will feel comfortable is they can read what is on your landing page without having to scroll down. You need to make sure that the page is not crowded with unnecessary information. You can also consider making the text on the page bold, and the buttons colorful to draw attention to the CTA. It is also a good idea to present a solution to the visitors’ problems on the landing page. In this case, they will have no option but to click on the call-to-action button.


Clothing industry with a conversion rate of 46.85%.

Top Affiliate Marketing Landing Pages That Converts

Twillory’s tip for high conversion: Create custom experiences for your mobile visitors.

Twillory suggests that you should make mobile visitors a priority when creating your landing page. This is not just a suggestion without basis, as statistics show that by 2017 50.3% of all web traffic came from mobile devices. In 2019, mobile traffic is clearly the majority. It is not just all about creating mobile-responsive pages, lots of brands now are making a separate experience for mobile visitors.

Twillory’s desktop landing page includes GIFs and videos. These are elements that have been proven to improve user engagement and increase conversion.


Automotive industry.

Top Affiliate Marketing Landing Pages That Converts

TyresOnTheDrive’s tip for high conversion: Make your headline clear and use social proof to back it up.

Your visitors should immediately know what you are offering when they land on your landing page. The clarity of the landing page leads to conversion. If the visitors do not understand what is on the page, they are likely to go away. You can notice on the TyresOnTheDrive page that its clarity shows the visitor exactly what to expect and do. They also mention that it is important to keep testing even if you have a good conversion for a particular page.


Finance industry with a conversion rate of 35.57%.

Top Affiliate Marketing Landing Pages That Converts

Ooba’s tip for high conversion: the call to action needs to be descriptive so that the visitors will know what will happen next.

Ooba’s landing page stresses on the call-to-action button. It is not enough for the page to be self-explanatory, the call to action button needs to tell the visitors what to do, and what will happen when they click it. 


A legal industry with a conversion rate of 30.02%.

Top Affiliate Marketing Landing Pages That Convert

ClaimCompass’s tip for high conversion: Each visitor on your landing page should have all the information to make them convert.

You need to understand that everyone that visits your landing page does not assimilate information the same. Some people may convert right away, while others need time to think to make up their minds. Converting the latter, you will need to convince them, and to do this, there has to be enough information. This appealing information needs to be on your landing page and the client should not have to scroll down looking for it.

Extreme Lounging

Furniture industry.

Top Affiliate Marketing Landing Pages That Converts

Extreme Lounging’s tip for high conversion: Drive leads like crazy using giveaway campaigns.

We are sure you are thinking the same thing - this landing page is very simple. Yes, that's correct but it is very effective in conversion. As you have noticed, this landing page is just made up of a price image, email form, headline, and the call to action. You will not find any list of benefits, etc. the simple message this landing page is passing across is that if you want the chair, give us your email. There is no reason to make it complicated. 


It is not rocket science to build a high-converting landing page. First, you need to put yourself in the visitors’ place and try to imagine what they will do, looking at the information you have provided. There are lots of practices that you can do to improve the quality of your page like providing social proof, compelling offer, good design, and benefits. Also, do not forget that testing is the key to finding the version that works. 

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