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Here you have everything you need to make this Halloween especially profitable –statistics, the best GEO, and a guide to creatives.
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Halloween is a holiday that opens up opportunities for large profits for those who are smart enough to quickly find them and make some advantage of them. In fact, Halloween, as a whole, is an industry valued at 6 billion dollars a year of total sales of everything related to the holiday. So, today, we are happy to share with you what vertical is best to focus your attention on, which GEO to choose, how to set up creatives, and how to finally beat the competition. Keep reading if you are on the team of affiliates who know that Halloween is a great way to make a little fortune.

Question number one if it is worth it at all to take hard work so seriously during the holiday season. Here we have statistics on pushes in the most profitable verticals at this time. 

Regular($) CTR
Regular($) CPM
Utilities & Software

According to the table, it can be seen that the CTR has grown significantly in all the verticals presented, while the CPM has not shown much growth.


It would seem that there is nothing to talk about, it is clear that it should be the United States and Great Britain. 

Americans love Halloween – it is the third largest holiday after Christmas and Thanksgiving. Everyone dresses up (from children to pets), the sales turnover of various attributes exceeds 2 billion dollars. In the UK, the scale is slightly smaller, but also quite decent.

But there is more to come! Here you have other GEOs that should not be overlooked as well.

Czech Republic

In the Czech Republic, Halloween is celebrated on a grand scale: carnival processions with lights, special menus in cafes, noisy parties, etc. And if ten years ago this holiday was considered children's, now our target audience, adults, is happy to join the fun. 


Australians, as usual, have stood out and made their own Halloween. The recipe is simple: traditions of other cultures, classic attributes, and a pinch of personality. And we will attract Australian users with specially designed landing pages.


Swedes joined the celebration of Halloween quite late, in the 1990s, but the event almost immediately started to be celebrated on a grand scale. They approach it in detail: creepy-looking dishes, decorations, costume parties, and processions. You only need the right landing page to interest the audience.

New Zealand, Denmark, Germany, Russia (increasing the pace), and Spain are also among the GEO's worth paying attention to.

What about Asia? 

Indeed, in some Asian countries, the holiday is gaining momentum. For example, you should pay attention to Singapore. It is home to one of the three Universal Studios amusement parks, which annually become the venue for the legendary Halloween Horror Nights. Drawing tickets for this event attracts thousands of people around the world, such an offer will definitely not be ignored.


The standard set includes pumpkins, werewolves, witches, skeletons, etc. It's obvious. Many affiliates continue using it to make a lot of money, but there are special formats that have proven effective on Halloween.

  • Themed pre-landers on sweepstakes (drawing an iPhone in scary scenery can give a really good conversion rate).
  • Halloween hunt (can also be used in the ad copy).
  • Memes. They have already become a separate segment in the Internet space. Why not take advantage of it?
  • Lists of scary movies. Really cool find for streaming offers.
  • Quiz. Just locate your questions on the push banner page.

Moreover, learn the following tips to get the most out of the holiday.


  1. The audience's interest in buying gifts and souvenirs increases dramatically on the day of the holiday and during the week after. Before that, it gains momentum within 2-3 weeks. Therefore, we recommend that you start showing ads two or three weeks before the holiday so that users learn about the product and remember it. Next, you can set up retargeting to an audience that is interested in the product and offer a product or service at a discount. Moreover, use the secret weapon of Audiences 2.0. Your retargeting will reach a new level with it. 
  2. Preparing for Black Friday. Don't forget that you will be able to use the accumulated audience during the next boom for affiliates - Black Friday.
  3. People will need masks, accessories, unusual beautiful shoes, cosmetics. As for costumes: we suggest making variations of advertising for customers with different incomes. Someone will want to buy an expensive and chic suit from a brand, and someone will also like a cheaper version from a Chinese store. Think about how to segment your audience and, by extension, your ads — by revenue.
  4. Don't forget about the desktop. Yes, mobile traffic is especially at the top right now. But the desktop offers lower prices, and there, accordingly, you will meet less competition. Just take advantage of these features of the desktop!
  5. Pay more attention to the result, not the calendar. Even if the holiday has passed, don't stop the campaign. Give it some time.
  6. The entire period during which you can earn money on a holiday hype is not so long, so it is very important to change creatives and gather more and more new audiences. Don't forget about broker traffic, attract it.

So, as you can see, Halloween is an international holiday and a perfect news hook. We hope that our material will guide you in choosing an attractive offer. Good luck! 

Source: PropellerAds Blog

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