Affiliate Marketing 5 Reasons Why You Should Read The Supreme Guide to Affiliate Marketing Verticals Now

RedTrack together with over 30 affiliate marketing experts has released the Supreme Guide on Affiliate Marketing vertical.
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RedTrack together with over 30 affiliate marketing experts has released the Supreme Guide on Affiliate Marketing vertical. They explored 11 main verticals under a microscope and shared their findings, experience, and tips to help you earn more. 

We were lucky to read the guide among the first. Here are 5 reasons why you need to download it now:

1. Know the present and the future of Affiliate Marketing:

How to make money in the post-coronavirus affiliate marketing world?

I would also add that gambling offers provide a great opportunity to diversify your income in 2020. Many verticals were badly affected because of the coronavirus epidemic (especially e-commerce), but online casinos are still doing great. Users are spending more time on their computers, the market has expanded and looks even more promising.

Guide to Affiliate Marketing Verticals

In 2020 one of the biggest DON’Ts is to run blackhat. The Facebook algo has matured so much it can detect intent even before you launch a campaign. That means even if you have 100 accounts, 100 different cards you will not make the great ROI that blackhatters were used to. Why? It takes special steps to warm accounts, which includes spending money on traffic, materials like safe sites and creatives, as well as the labor to set it all up. If 80% of your accounts will get banned, that means you will already be in the red big time, with 20% of your accounts will have to pay off. 

Guide to Affiliate Marketing Verticals

2. Explore the trending ad formats:

Popunder, Display, Push, Native, In-app, Redirect, and Video ad formats efficiency in details.

Push notifications remain popular because of the low cost per click. However, 74% of users consider receiving more than five notifications a day annoying. Consider sending personalized messages using 24 characters or less; this will give your ads an exclusive quality. Studies show that personalized push notifications generate higher conversion rates. However, don’t expect too much in the long run. The whole industry is highly dependent on regulators like Google. It would be prudent to assume that the success of push notifications will likely diminish once further restrictions are imposed.

Guide to Affiliate Marketing Verticals

Using native ads with an image and headline in our recommendation widgets is a surefire method to success. Our insurance affiliates see 23% lower CPA with these ads compared to other ad types.

Guide to Affiliate Marketing Verticals

3. Know the inside of affiliate verticals:

There are no bad verticals, there are inefficient strategies, poorly convertible creatives, target settings, and wrong GEO choices. 

The performance of finance offers largely depends on GEO. For example, in Russia, there is no further development of PayDay Loans in СPA. Due to recent reforms by the government, MFIs need to adapt to new microfinance conditions, meaning lower interest rates on the loan and more stringent customer assessment conditions (decreasing % CR). Traffic is becoming more expensive and more inaccessible, with diminishing gains. The same is expected of CIS in Ukraine.

Guide to Affiliate Marketing Verticals

For affiliates, the mobile app market becomes tougher due to growing advert expertise, growing internal media buying teams, and adverts switching to CPA. I don’t think there will be any changes in sub-verticals; shopping, utilities, and gaming offers still show the best performance. In-app ads and API-based networks are trending now as fraud technologies are getting more advanced. To stay up to speed in 2020, you should monitor your traffic quality and reputation.

Guide to Affiliate Marketing Verticals

A bonus vertical to check out in 2020 is Insurance LeadGen offers in the US market, for the following reasons:

  • The offers are entirely Facebook-friendly and whitehat. 99% of advertisers allow all the most popular traffic types: social, native, and email.
  • Short and simple flow: some offers have just 5 fields to fill out – first name, last name, zip code, address, and phone.
  • High payouts: depending on the offer type, CPL payouts can be up to $26.
  • Relevance: in many countries, people are obligated by law to have an insurance policy. Government insurance options tend to have rigid terms and are usually 15-20% more expensive than private ones.
  • Massive audience: nearly every citizen is a potential target audience since there are insurance policy types to cover anything and everything.

Guide to Affiliate Marketing Verticals

4. Interviews with affiliates and case studies from industry experts 

Form Top managers of Affiliate Networks to affiliate industry leaders.

Guide to Affiliate Marketing Verticals

5. Nice bonuses from trackers, affiliate & advertising networks, forums. 

Check it yourself!

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