Affiliate Marketing Affiliate Marketing Basics: Day 7 - Bringing Traffic To Your Site

Do you want to start running a business online as an affiliate marketer but still afraid of it? Spend just 7 days on preparation thanks to our everyday guide and steal the show!
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Day 7 – Bringing First Traffic To Your Site

Day 7 Objective: Bringing Traffic To Your Site

Well, you have already done a lot on your way to success in affiliate marketing. However, it's obvious that without getting a traffic to your website nothing starts working. 

Take patience and be ready that your website links will not appear on Google there and there, SEO needs time. 

Of course, finally, it will be there, but now focus on the traffic generation.

Remember that you're just a beginner and it's not so easy to monetize that traffic especially when your website is on the stage of creation only as well as its content. 

Work on your reputation and spread the information about your work and your so-called workplace (the website).

How To Get Traffic


It's needless to say that nobody really knows about the existence of your website. It depends only on your work how much time it will take before your website and you become well-known. First of all, it's necessary to study where can your traffic come from. Fortunately, here we again let you know some simple ways of doing it.

You can use either Google Analytics or Google Webmaster Tools and create a free account there.

These two tools can give you all necessary information about the methods of attracting people to your site and what they can find there after visiting it.

Thanks to Google Analytics you will know the amount, type, and source of your traffic during a day, a week, a month and a year. You will also see the audience's behavior including click-through path, bounce rate, conversion rates, and time on your website.

Thanks to Google Webmaster you will get the information about your website visits through different search engines. 

Moreover, you'll see problems of your website connected with linking or coding errors, and you'll have a chance to see top search queries and its results. 

Knowledge about the traffic is one of inevitable parts of successful website building, it will help you to understand better what traffic sources to use and what of them are not for you.

We understand that possibly it looks too difficult and unusual for you, but it's okay. Don't worry, sooner you'll see the whole process and all will be in the right place.

Where To Find Traffic

First traffic sources

The easiest way for getting your first traffic is represented by various social media channels, for sure. 

As it was told before, your main goal, first of all, is to make your website unique and attractive, and make other people know about it and share this information. 

Social Media will be the right method to accomplish this task. 

One of the fastest ways to get your initial.

Social media

YouTube, for example, can provide you with lots of video guides on how to create an account on Twitter or Facebook and start getting your traffic. 

After signing up, find and follow other affiliate marketers dealing with the same sphere as you. 

Keep watching what kind of information they post and how often they do it, then you can share your own content the same way as others affiliates do. 

Take into consideration other social media sites such as LinkedIn, Pinterest, Reddit, and Instagram.

Content marketing

The more regularly you post an information, the faster your site will become popular. 

Search engines pay more attention to a new content, so if you want to attract more readers to your website, you'd better keep the content not only interesting, but fresh.

The information included into your website’s content must be up to the date, so as the people click the link and visit your site and share it with others making your audience wider and wider day by day. It's not necessary to write there something unbelievable and extraordinary, just be confident in what you are saying. Stay yourself. 

Link building

Link building also represents an integral part of the making your website regularly visited. 

The easiest link method is to write and to share high quality content that other people will link to without any questions. Consider it as a good ‘vote’ for your website.

You may write some comments as well on websites and blogs of other affiliates including your links in the text to make readers come back to your website.

Paid ads

To say the truth this way of getting your first traffic is not the best one. Just because you're a beginner and you can't be sure where it will work for you or not. Try to concentrate on free ways described above and become confident in your niche, in your website and your audience.

Your future actions

We hope you still have in mind an idea about goals and systems we discussed on the 1st day. So, the whole seven days guide is your initial system on your way in affiliate marketing.

If you accomplish all the tasks step by step described here according to the definite day, possibly your business will get started at this very moment. Be ready to set new goals and systems to keep going. The video about systems here may be helpful for you to understand in what direction it's better to go.


Think about the time you must devote to the work on your online business. Will it be just several hours every day because you still may have a job or a full day and a full week?

Work on a daily plan (or system) that fits best to your personal timetable. Keep calm if it will be necessary to change the plan because it depends only on you and you know best how to make it effective.

Here are again some conclusion of this guide for you to revise the information about your first and following steps in online business creation. 

  • Content creation. Don't forget about working on the quality of your content and its regularity every single day. 
  • Create your email list and find your proper readers. 
  • Share other writers’ content and be engaged in social media channels
  • Study basic SEO techniques to improve your website and make it visible to your audience. 
  • Write a list of affiliate products that are closely connected to the niche you have chosen. 

Complete only one day of work per day and don’t skip ahead. The whole point of this exercise is to break down a week’s worth of work into easily manageable bite-size pieces. This will simplify the process and make it easy for you to follow through without feeling overwhelmed.

Instead of skipping ahead do each day’s work as well as you possibly can. Oh, and if you miss a day you can always catch up by going back and doing yesterday’s tasks first. You can try again and again till you get succeeded.

That's all for now. Keep learning, stay unique and stay yourself but do not forget that a successful business running is a consistent work and development. 

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