Affiliate Marketing Affiliate Marketing Basics: Day 1 - Research And Making A Choice Of Your First Niche

Do you want to start running a business online as an affiliate marketer but still afraid of it? Spend just 7 days on preparation thanks to our everyday guide and steal the show!
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Why You Should Become An Affiliate Marketer

  1. Affiliate marketing is an easy way to earn money passively every month. This type of business can allow you to receive either additional earnings, or can become a full-fledged source of your income.
  2. The only thing you need for work is Internet, so your home is able to become our workplace.
  3. By the way, your responsibility is just selling someone else’s product or service. No billing, customer service or product creation.
  4. Knowing affiliate marketing basics even a beginner in the affiliate marketing can compete with many experienced businessmen or even large companies.
  5. You don’t have to accumulate money to start this kind of business. It’s just not necessary for a beginning.
  6. Affiliate marketing is a very perspective occupation. According to forecasts, digital marketing will grow to $335 billion dollars by 2020. It’s persuasive enough, is’t it?

The point is that affiliate marketing is the most pleasant way to earn money which you can ever know. In this free mini-course you’ll learn how to start your own Internet business during one week by following affiliate marketing basics day by day.

The 7 Day Rules

Finish just one lesson a day and do not miss them. All sense of this exercise consists of breaking work for a week into meaningful pieces of a particular size of a sting. It will facilitate the process of learning and you’ll understand the whole thing easily without stress.

Instead of passing forward, work every day. If you miss day, you can always make up for lost time, having returned back and carrying out yesterday's tasks. But, anyway, try to make work within seven days as it is intended.

Let's begin!


Day 1 Objective: Research and making a choice of your first niche

Choosing the sphere where you want to start your business is a very responsible decision. The best advice here for you is to choose the niche you are well-informed about or to choose what you really love doing. It would be better if you could combine this two parts.

Unfortunately, sometimes interest and love are not enough to make a business successful and profitable.

For example, if you are keen on a subject which is too narrow and has small audience, then it’s not a good idea. At the same time, choosing a niche which is too wide you will probably have a lot of competitors and a hard time too.

Market Selection

Where is it better to start affiliate marketing?

Nowadays we can say that there are 3 niches that represent the most perspective spheres for starting a business. They include:

  1. Money
  2. Health
  3. Relationships

If you choose one of them, it will definitely bring you success and money, because they are significant parts of our everyday life. Of course all these spheres are competitive enough, but competitors are just indicators of the place where money can be earned.

Probably you just need to think over the problems that are not solved in these spheres yet, then to find a way to help people solve them and make money on it. People will pay because you make their lives better and easier. Why not?

What is better: affiliate marketing in a wide area o in a limited one?

It’s up to you. Below you can see the difference between these two so-called policies.

Wide area: Many marketers prefer working in a big online market cutting out a little part out of there. Examples of these markets are creation of bigger number of the markets of niche.

Limited area: Other marketers prefer choosing a small segment of the large market and reaching success there. For example, it can be smart money management for seniors niche or the social anxiety in children market.

The difference is obvious, but we can’t say that one strategy is better or worse than another.

You can become successful affiliate marketer in every niche you want, but the key thing here is absolute interest and passion about the chosen one.

My methodology for niche selection

I consider that after the market choice you have to look for unused opportunities in a sphere which you study. Be developed in sub-spheres of your target market to find its aspects which are not studied or hardly affected. Learn specialization and focus on becoming an expert in a specific problem or a subject. 

Lucrative Niches

Advice for searching out profitable niches:

  • As I already spoke earlier, begin with any sphere you are curious about or have an experience in. It is reasonable to enumerate such spheres to see what of them has the largest potential for you.
  • Look for those who can compete with you. This fact shows an opportunity of getting an income in this sphere.
  • Remember that three most profitable niches will always include money, health, and relationships. Find out how to help people there and earn money thanks to it.
  • Be attentive and curious. Talk to different people to learn more about their experience. Someone’s story can lead you to your own.
  • Scan Google Keyword Planner to learn how much search in a month takes place according to it in your sphere. It is the significant free tool which let you understand the market and real conditions of search.
  • Go to bookstores before they disappear. Look at the number of books on a certain subject. There is a lot of invaluable data for you there. Besides, here it is possible to find a set of useful magazines.
  • Pay more attention to the problems that exist in the world. The key to success  is to find what people really need to solve these problems but not what they sometimes just want to buy and sometimes they don’t. 
  • Take into account TV commercials. There’s a plenty of hacks to learn there. Look how they persuade you to buy something, study the tricks used on TV and you’ll see why they work and why people and companies spend their money on TV commercials.
  • Don’t focus on the surface of your niche. Try to see wider and deeper. Look for the opportunities to expand your business from the very beginning, study the product and service you want to promote and search for the ways to sale more and more.
  • Don’t forget about Ebay and Amazon. They represent huge platforms of marketing online. Keep an eye on sales, popularity of this or that product. Sooner or later you’ll notice even some trends showing what people buy most, what they tend to buy during particular period of time. Use this data properly.
  • Don’t change your decisions, stay concentrated on the niche you choose. It’s better to spend more time on developing skills and riching knowledge in one sphere than devoting yourself to lots of them but partially. Don’t be afraid of mistakes. They teach us and make us more experienced.
  • Pass to as it is the largest and most profitable digital retail seller in the world. Their market include almost million products which may be sorted according to lots of parameters. Try it right now and you’ll see the benefit.
  • Try to predict the upcoming situation. What is needed now? What will be needed in the future? Make some conclusions and use it in your own favor, maybe you’ll see where to start.
  • Is the market or a niche steady? It’s okay to follow the trend to make some quick cash, but will it last for a long time? Do you remember Beanie Babies? The people who invested in them thousands of dollars finally had just boxes full of useless and ugly dolls and that’s it.
  • Think about specialized information. Sometimes it’s even better to focus on limited areas of people’s interest, because they really have a big passion about something if they’re ready to spend money on it. So make this fact work for you, too!
  • Always listen to what people around you say or complain about. Human’s nature makes us mostly think about the reasons why we are miserable, we don’t think about things that make us happy. So catch every single word of your friends, colleagues, relatives and think about the solution of their problems. Moreover, if even one of them has a particular problem, probably, a lot of people worry about the same. You just don’t know them.

So start studying the market and the opportunities for you to earn and choose your own area.

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