Promo PropellerAds presents the biggest giveaway in its 10-year history

PropellerAds is celebrating its 10th birthday with a huge giveaway for its current and prospective clients. Register in the raffle to win valuable prizes!
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One of the most prominent companies in the affiliate marketing niche, PropellerAds are famous for its big parties, fancy conference booths, and lavish giveaways. So it’s only natural that for its 10th anniversary Propellers decided to hold a prizedraw. Read on to learn how to snatch some for yourself! 

What’s the deal?

As minutely explained in the promo video by this gentleman with a heavy slavic accent, PropellerAds are celebrating its 10th anniversary with a big giveaway. 

The raffle will be held live on August 25th on PropellerAds’ Youtube channel. There, it will be determined which one of their registered partners will get:

  • Two XBOX One X 
  • Two  MacBooks Pro with an Apple M1 Chip
  • Two iPhones 12
  • Multiple promo codes
  • Two GoPro Hero 9

Both affiliates and publishers are eligible to participate. And if you’re not in the affiliate game yet, you can still register in PropellerAds as affiliate (no deposit required), sign up to participate in the raffle - with the same email! - and test your luck to get:

  • Two Nintendo Switch
  • Two sets of AirPods Pro
  • Two Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro

What’s the catch? 

While other media put it in a small font at the bottom of the promo page, we’re all in for transparency. So, please note that conditions apply. 

Here you can read more about conditions for affiliates/advertisers and here — for publishers.

Is it really possible to win something? 

Yes, it is. 

PropellerAds is a trusted traffic source and a respected company that has been on the market for more than 10 years. They often conduct prize draws, giveaways and promotion campaigns of all sorts. 

This one is the biggest promo the company held in years, so everybody stands a chance.

So what should I do? 

The giveaway targets all PropellerAds’ partners, current and prospective.

Summing things up, there are three ways to participate: 

  1. You’re an affiliate working with PropellerAds and you have deposited at least $100 throughout the history of your account. In this case, go register in the raffle with your account email and participate in the big prize draw.
  2. You’re a publisher currently working with PropellerAds. Earn at least $100 during 07.19.21 - 08.20.21 and you’ll be eligible to participate in the big prize draw. For that, you’ll have to register in the raffle with your account email.
  3. You’ve never worked with PropellerAds before. Then just register in PropellerAds, skip the deposit part, register in the raffle and take part in the alternative prize draw. And if you make your first deposit of $100, you’ll be able to take part in the big prize draw.  

That’s it! Pick the right option and don’t miss your chance to win prizes from PropellerAds! 

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