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A list of top 5 affiliate networks working with crypto offer
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The cryptocurrency industry has been expanding for the past 10 years and it has become a hot topic in the public consciousness. As we have discussed in our article about crypto advertisers profiting from the hype around cryptocurrencies, the Crypto vertical has been growing in popularity as well. It attracts more affiliates now than ever due to the demand from the advertisers and the public. 

Doing Affiliate Marketing in Crypto

Advantages of working in crypto-related affiliate marketing are higher payout rates and less competition in comparison to other popular niches such as eCommerce. For Crypto offers, the payments are made for all referral operations (or conducted transactions, depending on the referral program), payment per deposit, or a one-time payment for registration. The payments are often made in crypto which can provide a good way to invest in assets without risking existing funds.

Challenges in working with Crypto offers are the complicated nature of blockchain-related projects which require thorough research and understanding.  Another concern is finding a reputable program that will count the referrals diligently and not alter statistics to offer a lesser payment. This is why finding a good network with an existing reputation and user reviews is the first step you should take before starting as an affiliate in crypto.


We have compiled the top 5 Crypto affiliate networks that we considered to be the best in the space at the moment. These networks have been partnering with many affiliates over the years and proved themselves to be trustworthy. 


Aivix affiliate network homepage

Aivix is an affiliate program that only works with direct reputable advertisers in Crypto and Finance verticals. They have been operating for 4 years helping thousands of webmasters to find the best offers.

Flexible payment plans are offered to affiliates with big volumes and a withdrawal can be made just after one confirmed lead. They work with 10 payment methods including Wire, PayPal, Capitalist, WMZ, and ZaleyCash. One of the original things Aivix has done is creating its own gift store. Webmasters can earn AivixCoins by driving traffic to Aivix offers and exchange them for valuable prizes such as a PlayStation console or an iPhone. The reviews for the platform are mostly positive and users rave about the amazing support team that makes working with Aivix easy and profitable.


Top Offers affiliate network homepage

TopOffers is a CPA affiliate network that showcases lucrative offers from the Crypto vertical. There are other verticals that are also included such as Apps, Dating, and Sweepstakes. They work with international and local brands covering over 150 GEOs with more than 1,500 offers.

TopOffers work with flexible payment plans from weekly to monthly payments to most popular payment methods such as Wire, Paxum, ePayments, and WebMoney. On the technical side, they have exclusive affiliate and internal worldwide SmartLink programs and 24/7 user support.


Neogara affiliate network homepage

Neogara has focused on Finance vertical and the majority of their offers are direct. They have over 30 GEOs and high CPA rates. Their CRM is slick and intuitive and offers detailed reports and statistics.

Payouts can be made twice a week via Bitcoin, Visa, Wire, PayPal, and WebMoney. Current affiliates talk about exclusive converting landing pages, responsive managers, and special terms for long-time partners.

Profit Pixels

Profit Pixels affiliate network homepage

Profit Pixels is an affiliate network that works with Crypto and Finance offers. Over 2,500 affiliates currently work with the network making over 400,000 conversions for the advertisers. They have implemented machine learning algorithms to help affiliates find the most suitable offer for their type of traffic. An AI-based system is also in place to prevent duplicate leads and maximize the earning potential.

Payouts can be made as often as every 2 days and payment methods include Wire, Bitcoin, Tether, Webmoney, PayPal, and Payoneer. Affiliates enjoy Profit Pixels and their 24/7 support, real-time reports, and coverage of basically all GEOs.


Olavivo affiliate network homepage

Olavivo is an affiliate network with a focus on Crypto, Nutra, and Cannabis verticals. They do thorough verification to ensure that all parties involved in the network are trustworthy.  Affiliates make great results with converting crypto offers from Olavio and having a dedicated manager to help with campaigns.

The minimum payout is $250 and payments can be made via cryptocurrencies, Wire, PayPal, and Payoneer. Payments can be requested every day.


Just like in crypto trading, working with crypto affiliate programs requires due diligence and research of the network where you are planning to get your offers. In this list, we have compiled the networks that have good reputations and plenty of reviews from current and past partners. All of them are in good standing in the industry.

It’s important to make an informed decision and test the water to find what network will help you achieve the desired results.

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