Everyday people click links online, so why not monetize them? One click from a friend or acquaintance and your bank account increases, all thanks to the work of affiliate links and affiliate products. Anyone can become an affiliate marketer and start recommending good products to others online! 

In this article, we will analyze how to promote affiliate links. You will find:

  1. What are Affiliate Links?
  2. Best Ways to Promote Affiliate Links
  3. How to Track Affiliate Links
  4. FAQs

What are Affiliate Links?

Affiliate links are specific URLs created with a special partner ID or username affiliate program. Affiliate links are used to track traffic sent from the partner's website to the seller's website. A unique affiliate link is created for each partner, which contains certain identifiers, such as a randomized series of numbers and letters, the user's name, or other means of identification. When clicked, a cookie is created in the visitor's browser, allowing the seller to track all clicks and purchases made on that particular link.

Usually, most programs pay marketers only for conversions, click data is the most useful metric for monitoring traffic and conversion rate. Affiliate program managers evaluate the contribution of marketers also based on this data, regular clicking on the affiliate link is usually a sign that the partner is actively promoting the affiliate product and certain sales can be expected.

Based on the statistics of sales of a product or service during the validity period of cookies that were converted after clicking the affiliate link, affiliates receive a commission from the sale. The commission usually ranges from 10% to 20%. There is an interesting model: In Supermetrics, the validity period of cookies for referral links is 90 days, if the sale falls within this time window, then you get 20% of the permanent commission. That is, payments are made every time referrals renew their license. This is the advantage of the subscription-based pricing model, which allows multiple commissions per referral.

How to Use Affiliate Links

Before making affiliate links, you need to decide on the choice of affiliate products, depending on your audience and niche. 

What you should pay attention to when choosing a product: 

  • Is the product in demand?
  • Is your content competitive? 
  • Type of commission and financing rate?
  • What is the duration of the sales cycle?
  • Are there any incentives?
  • Do you have high-quality content?

No one is immune from failure or mistakes, but you can always minimize their number. The main thing at this stage is to spend enough time and energy to create high-quality and marketable content. Time is our investment at this stage, so don't waste it and carefully select products or services. 

The next step is to join the affiliate program, where you will get access to your affiliate panel. Here are some of the most popular programs: 

  • ShareASale
  • CJ Affiliate
  • Impact Radius

Remember the conditions described above! 

In the same panel, unique visitors who clicked on the link and your earnings will be visible. Your link code is also located there. 

The type of personal link depends on the type of promotion you plan to do, for example, you can choose a standard link or other materials for marking, such as banners, text ads, light boxes, and videos.

There is a standard affiliate link for the blog, which does not need any configuration - this will not affect sales and click counting in any way. Webmaster uses a different scheme, which also does not affect the counting of clicks and sales in any way: they copy and paste the HTML source code on their website, and the partner ID is automatically inserted into the link! So it works the same way as your standard affiliate link. Customization of the link is also possible: color scheme, font, etc., this is done by changing the code. 

It is important to design the link appropriately so that it does not look like a spam link in the form of a long string of letters and numbers! 

Best Ways to Promote Affiliate Links

First of all, let's talk about how to promote affiliate links. Choosing the right affiliate products to promote is crucial to your success. It is also worth remembering about advertising strategies. But as a blogger who wants to monetize his website or audience with affiliate links, here's what you should do. We have selected the 5 best ways, especially for you to promote your affiliate links.

Way 1: Affiliate Website Reviews

As we look for affiliate marketing programs to join, we can base our promotion on a review of their products or tools, those affiliate programs that we have chosen. Use this opportunity (and include your affiliate links) to write honest reviews about the products you promote on your affiliate site.

It is worth resorting to SEO in this case. Focus on researching keywords or meta titles that best match search engines when researching a product. 

Create a thread of reviews in which you provide detailed information about the product that a potential client will need: 

  • Pros or cons of the product 
  • How to buy a product and how to set it up correctly 
  • Tips on how to succeed with a product that any customer can use
  • Find a few more people who can participate in the promotion of the product
  • Look professional, you need to show that your words are worth listening to

Use affiliate links early and often, without overdoing it. To effectively promote affiliate links, use anchor text that arouses interest in the content behind the link.

For example, phrases such as "I choose this particular product" or "more photos" promise that useful information is just one click away.

Other review sites are also one of the best places to promote your website, so be sure to find out how they work inside and out. At Affiliate valley, we have professional writers that can help create excellent reviews. Contact us now!

Way 2: Welcome emails and new sellers 

Another way is automatic welcome emails! For every affiliate marketing specialist and blogger, creating a loyal and stable audience is a priority for long-term success. Creating e-newsletters is one of the ways to constantly keep your audience up to date. Once readers subscribe to your blog, provide them with the right incentives to join your mailing list so that you can automatically send them a series of welcome emails. 

Remember that we need to format the link correctly so that it does not get into the spam folder of the mailbox! The newsletter should establish relationships with readers, distribute the content of your blog or website, and ultimately promote your partner products. We advise you to adhere to this order of priorities. 

Getting readers to subscribe to your newsletter means that your emails should at least contain useful content. In this email, use affiliate links by sharing relevant articles.

First, build a trusting relationship with your readers by telling your unique story, and then eventually provide the information that will help them the most. A good idea would be to offer benefits or discounts on your partner's products to earn trust. If you are a specialist in any field, for example in blogging or financial fields, then you can offer a trial period of the trading guide. 

Way 3: YouTube Affiliate Links

Video content is a very powerful marketing tool nowadays. Recently, Animoto found that 93 percent of small businesses reported attracting a new customer directly as a result of a video posted on social networks!

As a marketing partner, you should think about creating video content on various topics related to the products or services that you promote. Once you have created a video and uploaded it, there are two main ways to promote your affiliate links. 

1. The simplest and most common is to put a link in the description of your video. 

Be sure to verbally and visually repeat the description in your video! "If you are interested in the product/service, then follow the link in the description!" - usually I use such phrases most often. 

2. Using YouTube Annotations 

Annotations are transparent fields that appear at a preselected time and in certain places of your video that call for action. Each field is provided with hyperlinks, which ensures the perfect placement of your affiliate links.

It is best to combine both tactics to further enhance the promotion of affiliate links.

Way 4: Instagram Affiliate Links

The most popular social network for the fashion and beauty industries. Previously, there was a problem on Instagram that made life difficult for affiliate marketing: Instagram posts were not available for viewing, and instead it was necessary to force visitors to go to the section of your description so that they clicked on the link there. 

Now Instagram has a professional dashboard that allows you to create product links for each post. 

Affiliate links promotion opportunities on Instagram: 

  • Use stories to promote products or services to an existing audience, the link can be made using a special sticker. 
  • Use Reels 

If Instagram sales are a priority, make sure to create a "royal" audience first. This is the most loyal audience, for which you are the main source for searching for products or services, they are more willing to re-wander through affiliate links. 

Do you want to learn more about the promotion of partner content on Instagram? We have prepared an article for you! 

Way 5: Pinterest Affiliate Links

Pinterest is a "dark horse" in the shadow of Instagram, but due to recent news about the introduction of video content on the platform, we can expect an increase in traffic to the platform itself.

Pinterest is a visual platform for social networks, that is, the more attractive the product looks or is decorated, the higher the chance that it will be noticed. 

Ways to promote affiliate links: 

*For best results, create pins and boards around a specific product

*You can include a PIN code with your affiliate link in a board dedicated to a broader topic

*Find boards dedicated to your niche and create useful visual content, such as tips on healthy eating 

Soon it will be known how it will be possible to work with video content on Pinterest, perhaps it will look and function like Reels. This will be a great opportunity to find additional traffic for affiliate links. Learn all about Pinterest affiliate marketing here.

How to Track Affiliate Links

On the affiliate panel of each affiliate program, you can directly track your conversions, because you do not own the product pages that you promote. The reason for this is the limited access to UTM codes that are created by brands for the partner's personal use. You can track clicks and impressions of your partner promotions and all actions on the landing pages of your partners. Then you can compare the data on your partner dashboard with the data in your Google Analytics account!


Where to advertise affiliate links for free?

There are many places to promote your affiliate links for free. You can use blogs or threads related to your affiliate product. Many forums such as Reddit are a great opportunity to promote their affiliate links for free. Social networks are another alternative: for successful implementation, you need to constantly post content related to your product to gain momentum and views. Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. are worth looking at social networks like Facebook, TikTok, etc.

How do I get traffic to my affiliate link?

If you want to promote your affiliate links on a free basis, then social media content creation and blog writing are best suited for you. There are also paid services. PC abs, PC is a type of advertisement where your site is directly marketed on external sites. Better to start with Google Ads. This program uses a process called an ad auction to determine which ads are displayed for certain queries.

Advertising on social networks. Research shows that most advertising campaigns on social networks have a positive impact on brand awareness and consumer motivation. It is not surprising that over the past few years, the total amount spent on advertising on social networks has doubled. You can buy advertising traffic for your blog or product, which will include your affiliate link.

Where is the best place to post affiliate links?

Every day there are even more opportunities for placing affiliate links that stimulate additional sales and conversions. Excellent options for placing affiliate links are Email newsletters, Blog entries, Video descriptions, Podcast Episode Notes, and Social media Profiles.

Can I put affiliate links on my Facebook page? 

Facebook is a popular place to post affiliate links via your profile or an online business page. Make sure you're not spamming your followers' Facebook feeds with affiliate link posts. Facebook's TOS and Amazon Associate's Terms of Service allow you to post affiliate links on your profile or your business page. If you use a different affiliate network be sure to check its TOS to ensure that posting your affiliate links on Facebook is okay, most of them allow using Facebook. 

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