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Imagine a software which can protect your data on the web, automize your basic tasks and speed up your work.
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Imagine a software which can protect your data on the web, automize your basic tasks and speed up your work.

Imagined? Awesome, cause there’s already a software that can perfectly help you with all these tasks. And it’s Dolphin{anty}.

Below we’ll tell you about the main functions of the anti-detect browser Dolphin{anty}, it’s benefits and, yes, user reviews.

We’ll start with the basics.

What does an anti-detect do

The main task of any anti-detect browser is to change your real digital fingerprint and show the anti-fraud systems some other user's fingerprint. By changing your real fingerprint, you can:

  • protect your real data
  • look more like an ordinary user.

Apart from that, anti-detects have extra functions that may speed up and automate your work. We’ll talk about them a bit later. 

How to choose the perfect anti-detect 

When choosing an anti-detect browser, make sure it fits all your tasks. Basically, users pay attention to the:

1. Interface of the browser. Better if it’s easy to understand, otherwise you may spend a lot of time trying to figure out what each button means. For example, Dolphin{anty} has a simple and user-friendly interface.

2. Extra functions: extensions, automation of work, tags and statuses, filters, etc. All this you can find in Dolphin{anty}.

3. The ability of working in a team, in case you work with other users.

4. Update frequency. 

5. The quality of fingerprint masking. The thing is that there is still no ideal anti-detect that can totally hide your real fingerprints, but the better is the anti-detect browser, the higher will be the level of your emulation. 

What is good about Dolphin{anty}

We’ve collected the main advantages that, in our opinion, deserve special attention. 

The digital fingerprints of real users

Dolphin{anty} team collects fingerprints from all over the web and applies them to their users to make sure you'll be able to look like any other ordinary user. When using Dolphin{anty} you can use the fingerprints that the browser offers you or set the data manually. 

Any user can set up more than 20 parameters of their digital fingerprint including screen data, WebRTC, WebGL, language, timezone and more.

Suitable with all types of proxy 

You can work with Socks4, Socks5, HTTP or SSH proxies. And, yes, the anti-detect browser itself can’t change your IP-address, so you'll need to buy a proxy. 

By the way, you can save all the proxies inside the anti-detect, to easily add them to the needed accounts.

Randomizing fingerprints when importing accounts 

Some users stay with one anti-detect browser for a long time, because it takes a lot of time to transfer accounts from one browser to another. 

Specially for this, you can easily transfer your accounts to Dolphin{anty} within a few clicks. 

By the way, you can easily import or export cookies of the accounts.

Cookie robot 

If you’ve just created an account or bought a clear new one, it has no cookies or history of use. This may be the reason the anti-fraud systems may be suspicious about the account. 

To raise the trust rate of the new account, you need to create a browser history: visit websites, create neutral activities, etc.

In Dolphin{anty} you can use a special free cookie robot. You only need to enter the websites, that the robot must visit, and after it will visit all the needed websites automatically. 


Dolphin{anty} can be used by solo specialists and teams. If you work in a team, you can set up 3 types of roles to control the access level of each teammate. You can choose:

  • Administrator
  • Team lead
  • User 

Set up extensions

Dolphin{anty} is working on the Chromium basis, so you can add to the browser any extension from Google store 

or upload them from your device. 

Browser automation

With the help of Puppeteer, Playwright, Selenium, or other similar programs, you can easily connect to Dolphin{anty} and refine or add the functionality you need to your browser. Unlike most browsers, Dolphin{anty} has an open API that you can access even on a free subscription plan.

What do users like about Dolphin{anty}

Although the browser exists for only about a year, on the web you can find plenty of opinions and reviews on the browser. And mostly — they are positive

Here’s what users like about Dolphin{anty} the most.

Often updates

When visiting websites, the anti-fraud systems see what kind of browser you are using and its version. Each anti-detect browser uses the core from some popular basic browser. Usually it is Firefox or Chromium.

If inside the anti-detect browser there’s an old version of the basic browser, the anti-fraud systems might suspect that the user is trying to hide some of his data. 

The Dolphin{anty} team updates the core of the anti-detect browser within few weeks after the announcement of changes in the main browser — Chromium.

This help users to have the latest version of the browser and arise less suspicion.

Support team 

The Dolphin{anty} has a telegram chat in which you can check out the latest updates and news. Moreover, in the news chat you can get info about different bonuses:

If you need help, just describe your problem or situation in the telegram support chat: @dolphin_support_bot 

Sure, you are not surprised, that the company has a support team. But as the users say, the Dolphin’s support specialists are very kind and helpful: you can be sure, that your problem will be solved.

Pricing options for different types of users 

Usually, anti-detect browsers are quite expensive: around $80 per month for a basic subscription. 

Luckily, Dolphin{anty} has a totally free subscription plan. It has a limit of 10 browser profiles at once, that may be enough for beginners and novice users. In case this is not enough, you can get extra accounts for only $10 per month.

If you use a lot of accounts, for example for affiliate marketing or SMM, 100 browser profiles will cost $89 per month. And there are special subscription plans for those, who need thousands of profiles. Check them out, on the Dolphin’s website.  

And finally — is Dolphin{anty} worth it?

All users who are interested in an efficient and secure web experience should at least test Dolphin{anty}. Especially since you have a 4-day trial or free plan from the development team to do so.

If the browser does not suit you, the company will be glad to get your feedback and be sure that all bugs will be fixed as soon as possible. 

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