Affiliate Marketing MultiTag: New Smart Solution for Publishers

How to simplify monetization websites? Today we will reveal the secret.
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Are you dreaming of a smart solution that helps simplify the way you can monetize your website? Well, dreams can come true! 

Meet MultiTag by Propellers! 

Let’s take a look at the benefits and possibilities of this tool. 


The guys at PropellerAds are result oriented and never stop improving their platform. And to make publishers work more profitable they’ve created MultiTag.

The PropellerAds MultiTag is a piece of code that publishers can place on their site. This feature helps publishers access the best ad formats in a simple and straightforward way.

You no longer have to purchase an individual tag for each ad format that has been posted on your website. Just add this all-in-one code and enjoy automatic platform optimization.

Currently, MultiTag is compatible with the following types of advertising:

  • Traditional pop ads (Onclick)
  • In-page push (IPP) notifications
  • Overlay ads

By the way, these formats work great together. Therefore, it is worth testing different schemes and making even more profit.

More possibilities with MultiTag

Let’s take a look what publishers can get using MultiTag:

  • Increasing revenue by up to 50%
  • Increasing impressions by 60%
  • 50% higher CPM rate

Not bad, huh? And now we propose to move on to real statistics and cases in which MultiTag was used. 

MultiTag vs Traditional tags

Publishers installed Propellers smart code and compared the results to traditional tags. Let’s take a look at the details of this experiment:

  • Period of using: November 20th – December 10th
  • GEO: Worldwide
  • Platform: Mobile + Desktop
  • CPM improvement: +50%
  • The MultiTag code was installed on streaming sites from November 20th to December 10th. It compared the results with onClick, in-page pushes and interstitial tags.
On-Click Only
IPP Only
Interstitial Only
27, 208

What conclusions can be drawn? 

MultiTag has shown amazing results!

Despite the small number of impressions (less than all the other three combined) MultiTag received a higher CPM and higher profit. And this amount exceeded the amount generated by all of the other formats put together.

Next, we will look at the cases that were received by two affiliates. The guys worked with the PropellerAds advertising network.

Real Case #1 Interstitial vs. MultiTag

Here are the results from the first publisher. 

Interstitials Results

  • Period: 10/11/20 – 19/11/20
  • Earnings: $10
  • CPM: $0.07


MultiTag Results

  • Period: 21/11/20 – 29/11/20
  • Earnings: $20 to $30
  • CPM: $0.10 – $0.15


Real Case #2 Interstitial vs. MultiTag

Look at the statistics from the second case. 

Interstitials Results

  • Period: 12/11/20 – 19/11/20
  • Earnings: $10
  • CPM: $0.25 – $1.05


MultiTag Results

  • Period: 22/11/20 – 29/11/20
  • Earnings: $20
  • CPM: $0.82 – $1.56


Conclusion: MultiTag can help increase impressions, CPM and total revenue. This led to increased efficiency from the traditional interstitial tag and the results of MultiTag. 

How can you work with MultiTag? 

You need to generate a code in your PropellerAds account. You can generate a tag for all three formats with one click. After creating the tag in your PropellerAds account, you just need to paste it into the source code of your site. 

Follow the steps:


2. Choose a tag name (edit the default name for easy management)

3. Copy the code and paste it to your site’s source code:


4. Get started with all three formats on your site!

It is worth noting that each zone’s code will have its own ID. But they will have the same distinctive feature - the “multi” prefix on the label. Therefore, it will be easy to recognize them.

To sum up 

Propellers’s MultiTag can be used to simplify the monetization process and optimize your website. 

Its main advantages: 

  1. Brings more impressions 
  2. Increases CPM rates 
  3. Leads to higher profit  
  4. Provides easier integration

So, if you want to make the most money from your website, we recommend you to use Propellers’s MultiTag!

You can find more information HERE >>

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