Affiliate Marketing Better Management of Your Affiliate Marketing Channel: 11 Important Things Every Marketer Should Know

What are the main nuances you need to keep in mind when you are using the CPA channel, advices from Sergey Fisenko, CMO at
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How to get started working with CPA networks

These networks are extremely attractive to business owners and advertisers mainly because the payment occurs only after the client (which was brought by the affiliate) completes the purchase. So a company that uses the CPA marketing channel only paying for actual sales. 

This may sound a little bit weird, but the best way to find great networks is to ask some of your marketing friends. Hands down, some of them are already using this marketing strategy. 

Another great way to find the best CPA network is just to google it. Find the best offer, check the reviews, ask webmasters that are already working with them.

Don't forget to analyze where your competitors are placed, what their bids are, and how much they pay to their webmasters. See who is placed in your category on popular CPA networks such as ActionPay, Admitad, CityAds, Cpaexchange, and many others.

Keep in mind that you should not completely trust the reviews and the experience of others. What works for some companies or business areas might not bring the same incredible results for others. Understanding how, through what, and with the help of which tools you should promote your services/products comes only with experience. If you are just starting out working through affiliate marketing and want to avoid common mistakes, find some specialists that already have some expertise.  Let me tell you about do's and don'ts we use in Myrentacar.

Do's and don'ts #1: People often think that CPA networks work for every niche

Affiliate marketing works well when the promoted product is understood by most of the users and is in demand on the market. The situation is quite similar to services. Tours to other countries or beauty products sell better than specialized equipment for a factory.

The bigger the market, the more effective the placement will be, and the more webmasters will want to work with your offer. It's much easier and more profitable to advertise, let's say, selling online insurance throughout Russia than a specific one specific medical center in a small town. Rarely any of the webmasters will work with the obviously financially disadvantageous offer, especially when you have so many of them. 

Important Things Every Marketer Should Know

Do's and Don'ts #2: The company doesn't need any more marketing, brand awareness and PR are for pussies

That's a big no-no. Your success in marketing through CPA networks directly depends on how users are already familiar with your product and how loyal to it. Therefore, pouring the entire advertising budget only in the CPA channel is not going to work. The full-scale promotion will increase the conversion rates of affiliate advertising, make webmasters easier, and help you bring more clients in the end.

Do's and Don'ts #3: working exclusively with one CPA network is better than working with several

It seems convenient for some companies when all of their offers are on the same CPA network, and they communicate with only one account manager. But this is just a big mistake.

The account manager of one particular CPA network can have hundreds of offers and may not be particularly interested in yours. If you work with several CPA networks at once, then there will be more coverage and more possibilities to find the best affiliates.

How to tell webmasters about your offer 

An offer is a summary of your affiliate program, which should clearly describe your offer, the target audience of your services/products, your advantages, and commission rates.

A well-formulated offer will help webmasters decide on whether they should work with you or not. Also, how to work with your company to achieve the maximum effect of the placement.

Do's and Don'ts #4: the higher the commission rates, the better 

Before placing an offer, you need to familiarize yourself with the average rates for your industry in each of the selected CPA networks. After that, publish your offer at the same price, and look at the results. 

If you offer a price below the average price in the market, then webmasters are unlikely to choose your offer, as it will be unprofitable for them. In some areas, an increased rate may work, but here it all depends on the webmaster, offers, and many other nuances.

Do's! It's better not to raise the bid for everyone, but to work with each and every webmaster individually. I will tell you More of "proper work" with affiliates in the article. 

How to work with webmasters

In Myrentacar, we treat our webmasters like our brand ambassadors. In the eyes of users, they are representatives of your company on the network. They promote you, talk about your products and services. So it's in your interest to establish strong partnerships so that everyone can make money with it.

Important Things Every Marketer Should Know

Do's and Don'ts #5: Your offer is perfect for everyone

Don't! Many companies think that their offer is excellent for every webmaster, but in reality, only a dozen affiliates will generate you 90% of your income. 

Do! You need to find your "golden geese" in order to succeed. 

Do's and Don'ts #6: you should not work with webmasters directly

You do need to do that. The webmaster is the person that will determine whether your CPA channel will work or not. It is necessary to create the most favorable conditions for him and share all the essential information. Only working together can bring a decent result.

In addition, communicating with the webmaster directly allows you to make him an exclusive offer, give the best commissions, and agree on an exclusive placement. He will likely put more time and effort into promoting your product/services when he sees that you are showing interest and support.

Do's and Don'ts #7: webmasters don't need to know your number of sales

Do's! You sure can and even need to share this information with them. Statistics is essential for affiliates, as they need to understand why and how much they can earn. Not everyone has the time to experiment with your offer. Companies need to guide their "representatives" and give data on what brings the best most sales.

Important Things Every Marketer Should Know

Example: there is a travel agency that sells tours to different countries. They know which destinations are the most popular, what is popular in this season, which hotels are the best, the average cost of buying a ticket, and other insider information. Therefore, you need to share this information with the webmaster and suggest what traffic is worth working on and the best options.

Do's and Don'ts #8: more sales = more earnings

The benefit for the webmaster depends not only on the commissions of your offer but also on the cost of the product or service itself.

So, for example, 1 sale of a luxury trip to Hawaii will earn tenfold of a selling a trip to Turkey. 

Do's and Don'ts #9: all tools have the same conversion rates

The effectiveness of the advertising campaign directly depends on the tools which the webmaster uses to spread information about you. Widgets work better than banners, while articles with affiliate links generate higher conversion rates and, consequently, higher earnings than widgets.

In a perfect situation, webmasters analyze each offer and use the format with the highest CR, which will bring the most orders. Unfortunately, the truth is that webmasters are often too lazy to do this and just put a random banner on the site. Therefore, you need to teach them to work with your offer and help to explain to them what tools will suit them best.

Do's and Don'ts #10

You need to understand what methods and formats are used by webmasters who work with your offer. Some work better with coupons or cash backs, others with content, and so on.

Do! Listen to the needs of the webmaster. You may have to additionally make a landing page, develop a new widget, adapt the mobile version of the site, give a particular promotional code. Yes, it may take some time, but it will be beneficial for both the company and the partner in the end.

Also, do not forget to notify webmasters about what is happening with your content and talk about new features. For example, if you updated coupons - do not wait until the webmaster sees it himself, but tell this information yourself.

Do's and Don'ts #11: they don't need your training

In addition to just providing all the information, webmasters need to be trained to work with your offer. It is better to give this task to a specially trained employee.

Is CPA worth it?

Yes, because this is a fantastic marketing tool that is beneficial for the company since payment is made only when the user is doing some "action".

With the right approach and the use of other promotional channels, CPA improves brand awareness, increases loyalty, and generates more sales.

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