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Royal Partners is an operator of four different casinos. Find out more about how to become a partner in our big review.
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Do you like gambling offers as much as we do? We know for a fact what people get out of gambling: from the adrenaline rush and extreme excitement to big winnings. For you, the publishers, it might be the same: the thrill of realizing you made all the right choices and are about to earn a bunch of money from your advertising. And what better place to do it than Royal Partners?

About the Royal Partners affiliate program

Royal Partners is an operator of some of the most popular gambling offers: ROX, SOL, FRESH and JET Casinos. Even though they are offers of the same type (and we’ll be talking about them in a minute), the audience of these four projects are not the same. The Conversion rates are growing higher and more and more clients are choosing these projects.

Being on the market since 2018, they’ve proven themselves to be a great competitor to other affiliate programs: highly professional, trustworthy and open-minded. If you just go to their site, you’ll see a number of testimonials from other partners. 

Reasons to choose Royal Partners

First of all, for their projects (stick around to learn about them in more detail). You’ll be provided with a great variety of creatives: banners and landings specifically designed for each brand and adapted for different formats and certain GEOs. The company is regularly adding new GEOs to the list and doesn’t plan to stop.

Second, they have a great retention rate: players usually stay with their projects for a really long time. Having implemented a complicated system of sending email newsletters, personal bonuses and 24/7 personal manager support, they manage to find an individual approach to almost everyone.

And last but not least, they prioritize sending out payments in a timely manner: all RevShare payments are sent to publishers every 5th of the month while CPA earnings are paid each week - on Monday with a hold of 7 days.

Commission models

As we’ve already mentioned, they have two payout models: CPA and RevShare. With CPA you can get up to $300 (for countries outside the CIS region for each first deposit made by a new player (it all can be negotiated with your personal manager based on the preferred GEO, your type of traffic and its quality). The RevShare model allows you to earn up to 50% of what the player brings to the casino.

And here is the thing: you can get an opportunity to work with GEOs that have just been added and after testing might prove to be a goldmine. It can even get better: the higher the tier of the country is, the higher payout you might get. If you stay on it long enough and drive high-quality traffic, it’s possible Royal Partners can give you some exclusive rates (and you can learn more about this after talking to your manager).

One more great feature that Royal Partners have implemented is a negative balance write-off. This is not a common practice among gambling networks, but Royal Partners nevertheless decided to go through with it).

What it essentially means is that whenever you have a negative balance (because your players have won and casinos had to pay them), you may get it subtracted from your commission in the next period Say, if you had -$200 in September, you can start the next period (let’s say, October) with zero on your balance.

Offers of Royal Partners

Okay, I think it’s time we stopped piquing your curiosity and got down to business.

Royal Partners allow you to work with four different brands: SOL, JET, FRESH and ROX Casino. Let’s see what they have there. One important point: all of the brands have a license therefore should not be problematic to work with. You can easily find it while looking through brands on their site.

1. SOL Casino provides 3500+ games and is available currently for the following countries: Australia, Canada, Finland, Germany, Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. As you can see, it offers a choice of local currencies and is translated into local languages.

2. JET Casino offers many gaming options: blackjacks, roulettes, quiz shows etc. They offer a variety of bonuses: from welcoming bonuses to everyday bonuses (for deposits). It is available for all the same GEOs: Australia, Canada, Finland, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and also gives options with currency and languages.

3. FRESH Casino has a variety of gaming options: from simple games to sports bets. They hold lotteries, tournaments, and give out bonuses. Basically, anything to get the players to stay on the site. It has the same standard package as the previous two brands: the same GEOs available and the same currencies.

4. ROX Casino is a bit different. It offers more than 4,000 games, but, at the moment it is available only for three CIS region countries: Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. However, they are definitely planning on expanding and conquering the world, so you can be one of the knights with them (that’s a metaphor, they’re totally friendly).

Forbidden traffic types

They do have some restrictions here, so read carefully.

One of the big “no-no’s” here would be misleading potential players with any false information about the terms of casinos, bonuses, payouts and the like. This will not be tolerated and will be punished by not paying out commissions.

Also, for RevShare traffic you should not do brand bidding or SEO using the name of the offer or the network. For CPA traffic they have even more restrictions, including bidding using fake official brand’s sites or any sites that might be associated with official web-pages (like logos, official branding or messages on the casinos’ behalf).

You are also not allowed to use incentive traffic, social groups in Vkontakte or Odnoklassniki, Telegram channels, Instagram, Youtube, banner network, clickunder/popunder.

Hybrid types of traffic can be discussed with your personal manager.

Step-by-Step Guide

Having discussed all the advantages of the program, let’s see how you can get in. Here we’ll guide you through the whole sign up process.

Let’s register first

Find in the right upper corner of the page the “sign up” button. When you click on it, you’ll see a form sliding from the right corner of the screen. Here you need to provide all the necessary information: your email, password, your nickname (yes, that too), address and phone number. And, per usual, go through all the terms and conditions to make sure you’re acting within them (we cannot stress enough how important it is to be familiar with T&C so that you don’t have problems in the future).

After signing up you will be shortly contacted by your personal manager via email (the one you’ve registered with). They will be interested in learning more about you, your type of traffic, GEOs, prospective volumes of first deposits and which project you’d like to promote. Then they are more than happy to discuss the terms of your potential partnership and make you a better offer.


Right after your account is verified by the manager, you’ll get access to the platform. After logging in you’ll be immediately redirected to the dashboard where you can see your current balance (which will look better at the beginning of each month once the RevShare (and RevShare part of the Hybrid model) bills are issued), quick stats (which also will be more interesting to look at after a couple of weeks) and quick charts.

On the left side you can easily go to any section you need. But for now, let’s go to “Campaigns” and see what we can do from there.


As we’ve already mentioned, they have four major projects at the moment. When you go to “My campaigns” and click on “Create New Campaign”, you will see all of them listed there (note that you’ll be able to create a campaign only after your personal manager has set up the commission plan for you).

Let us show how you can do it on the example with JET Casino. It is one of their newest additions to the partner program and has lots of potential. Ever since its launch, it’s been performing extremely well. It has all the promotional tools you will need for good performance, including different bonus programs. Moreover, we have already seen from a general overview of projects, this one accepts traffic from different countries, including outside the CIS region (which makes it even more promising).

So first, let’s create a new campaign and choose JET Casino.

After hitting “Next”, you will be redirected to the page where you can choose a landing page:

After choosing the landing you want to go for, you’ll get to the next stage where you can choose banners for the offer (in different image file formats, sizes and languages). Banners for JET Casino already have all the information in them about bonuses for players. All you need to do is to choose which ones will be a better fit and take them. With Royal Partners, the most common way of using banners would be to add the banner code to your site. 

You also have an option of using a direct link, if that’s your preferred way of working with offers (and we know the majority find it more convenient). You just need to check the box with “Use direct link option” to get it.

After creating a campaign, you can go to “More info”, where you will see the option to “Add Postback”. There you will find all the info on how to set up a postback in the system, what parameters are available for you to create a postback (e.g. for click id they use ${ctag}). You will also have a list of “Postback action” where you choose what actions of players should be reported to you: registrations, first deposits (+ any deposits), NGR (Net Gaming Revenue) and variations of qualification/prequalification/disqualification (which basically means a player either meets the qualification criteria or doesn’t).

After the postback is added, you can go to “Add Promo” where you can get all the necessary promotional tools (there are a number of them, so you can test out which one performs better). You can also install a postback for each promo you’re adding (which is common practice among publishers with Royal Partners).

To get more information about the commission structure and player qualification, you can go to “Affiliate program” => “Commission plans”. For each brand and each payout model you will get a list of requirements so that you don’t have questions like “Why wasn’t I paid for my deposits?”

Now that you’ve set a postback, found the links and banners, learned everything there is to know about commission plans, you’re set to go.

Tracking performance 

All you need to do is to go to “Reports” (where you can also see your payments history, balance transactions and more) and go to “Statistics”. Here you can see all the registrations and deposits that you’ve driven with the information on players’ visits, sums of deposits, Casino NRG and other. 


Ah, the best part. Now it’s time to see how you can get paid for all the work you’ve put into.

If you go to “My Account” => “Wallet”, you will see your current balance showing your revshare earnings (which will look way more exciting, we promise). They have a variety of payment options: WMZ, Capitalist, Bitcoin, USDT, Skrill as well as a usual bank transfer. After discussing your preferences, your personal manager will set it up for you. 

Every time you’re about to receive a payment, you will see it listed in “Scheduled payments” (speaks for itself, doesn’t it) with all the details.


As you can see from our comprehensive review of Royal Partners, they are quite serious affiliate program who value their projects, their partners and their reputation. With a very stylishly designed and greatly functional platform, you can be in for a great ride with what they have to offer. Here you have a rich choice of projects, promotional materials, payment methods, traffic types etc.

So, let’s sum it up.

  • Commission types: CPA or RevShare (or Hybrid)
  • Offer types: Gambling
  • Offer GEOs: Australia, Canada, Finland, Germany, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan
  • Tools: Banners, promotional links, bonuses
  • Payment: WMZ, Capitalist, Bitcoin, USDT, Skrill, bank transfer.

You can experiment with these 4 in-house casino offers (within the above mentioned boundaries) and find what works best for your type of traffic with these casinos. Do not forget that you’re not adrift at sea, but have a supportive team of managers who from the start will guide you and advise you along the way.

If you have any questions regarding the offers, policies or anything, you can always contact Royal Partners reps via:

Don’t waste your time and come join Royal Partners!

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