Affiliate Conferences The Ultimate Guide to the Digital & Affiliate Marketing International Expo Event

The highly anticipated DMIEXPO conference will soon be taking place in Israel. Get all the information about the event from our ultimate guide.
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Building a career in affiliate marketing can be one of the most exciting things to do. Also, like with all other types of businesses, affiliate marketing is not for the faint-hearted. You need to be dedicated and ready to take risks. Once you have these qualities, you see that the industry has provided many tools and forums to help you succeed. Talking about helping you succeed, the DMIEXPO team has organized one of the largest digital and affiliate marketing conferences of the year in India. Everyone involved in digital and affiliate marketing has something to gain from this conference.


What to expect and why you should attend the conference

With more than 22 years of experience in digital marketing, the DMIEXPO team wants to use this conference to share experience. With all the extensive connections and networks they have acquired over the years, the Digital and Affiliate Marketing Internation Expo conference will be full of important dignitaries and experts from every section of the affiliate marketing world. This conference focuses on delivering great ideas in the clearest of ways without interruption with commercials or selling promos. 


You will get information from the best in the industry because the speakers of this event are chosen based on experience. The speakers also come from different sections of the industry, thus, everyone has something to gain. They will be given enough time to present their ideas. A good amount of time is allocated to Q&A, where you will have time to interact with speakers of the event. Digital copies of the presentations are provided to the audience so that they can stay attentive. 

Feedback from the audience of the previous conferences has been used to improve the quality of this event. You will be able to mingle with like-minded people and share ideas to boost your affiliate marketing career. 


Just for the fact that this digital marketing conference is held in Israel is enough reason to attend. Israel is a country with a very rich history and places to visit. If you are interested in exploring and having fun, then there is no better place.

Traveling to Israel

Traveling to another country needs preparation. Without proper preparation, your journey and stay can very uncomfortable. Since you will be attending a conference, you need to ready to collect information, meet with peers, and experts. If you did not plan for this, you will miss lots of opportunities to gain information and improve your network. 

You will be traveling to Israel in November. The weather at this time is 17 degrees, but can go up to 24 degrees or down to 14 degrees. So, you should pack according to the weather because it can influence your activities. 

You will need to have a passport that is valid for at least six months. The visa requirements will vary depending on your country. You can request an official invitation letter to make the visa acquiring process easier. If you want to leave from Israel to other surrounding Arab countries with the exception of Egypt and Jordan, it is advisable to request that an Isreali stamp should not be put on your passport. 

We recommend that you land a the Ben-Gurion Airport (TLV). From there, you can take a taxi to Tel-Aviv. This is usually a 20-40 mins drive depending on the traffic. Here are some other options we recommend:

  • Car: Enter into Waze LAGO (Waze Link)
  • Train Station: Moshe Dayan, Rishen Lezion
  • Bus: Egged Lines 6, 7, 8, 21A, 71, 95

Main Event

  • Date: November 24-25, 2019
  • Location: Luxury Lago conference & events center in Rishon Lezion, Tel Aviv, Israel

  • Audience: Marketers, Digital Marketers, Affiliates, Ad Sales, Ad Serving, Web Analytics, Bloggers, Marketing/Communications, Email marketers, Online Marketing/Advertising, Online publishers, Online Recruitment, Search, SEO/SEM, SMS/Mobile Marketing, Internet, Usability/Accessibility, Website Design, and Viral Marketing.

Event Hours

  • Sunday, November 24, 9 am - 6 pm
  • Monday, November 25, 9 am - 5 pm


Taking place almost at the end of the year, you will have time to evaluate your work with all the knowledge and advice that you receive from the speakers of this event. With over 2000+ attendees, you will have the chance to create networks and connections with important names in the industry and also with your peers to build a better business. 


There are two types of tickets on sale - Affiliate Ticket (For active affiliates only) and Company Ticket (If you are a representative of an affiliate network, agency, company, etc.). You can get the tickets from here


This event brings 44 experts in different fields to share with you their experience and knowledge. Here are some of the big names you will be listening to:

  • ITAY PAZ - Digital Marketing Expert – DMIEXPO Founder

Managing Director at Digital & Affiliate Marketing International Expo. Itay is an entrepreneur, bestselling author, trainer, an international speaker and a veteran in the global internet world.

  • MIKE PETERS - Owner and founder of Yomali Group

Mike Peters is a serial entrepreneur worldwide & Owner and founder of Yomali Group. He is a technologist, angel investor in technology startups delivering quantifiable value.

  • DENNIS YU - Chief Executive Officer of BlitzMetrics

Dennis Yu is the Chief Executive Officer of BlitzMetrics, a digital marketing company which partners with schools to train young adults. Dennis’ mission is to provide education at no cost to students.

  • ANNA GITA - CEO of MaxWeb

Anna is the CEO and head of MaxWeb, the fastest growing affiliate network in the world. MaxWeb is dominating the industry thanks to really CARING about its affiliates! Without any previous experience in Affiliate Marketing, Anna built a 7 figure business from scratch and became one of the best-known names in our industry. 

  • Dr. YANIV ZAID - Doctor Persuasion

Economist and attorney Dr. Yaniv Zaid – “Doctor Persuasion” – is active as a business consultant to government departments, private firms, and public organizations.

You can follow the link to see the full list of the experts who will be speaking at the event.

Places to eat

One of the most important things to know about a city when visiting it is where to get the best food. Good food can change your impression of a new place. So we will tell you the best places to eat in Tel Aviv:

This place will provide you with the best falafel and shawarma or hummus in Tel Aviv. It is so special because the owner of this restaurant imports some rear and high-quality ingredients. 

  • Miznon

The owner of this restaurant has many others like this all around the world. Miznon is always full of tourists and locals because of how delicious its delicious meals. You will definitely get a good time here. 

Ha’achim is a steak house that is very popular among tourists with great brunches during the weekend. Dok is created within the same shop and is a wine bar with delicious food. This place is special because they use only local ingredients to make dishes.  

  • Alena, at the Norman Hotel

This is an extraordinary chef’s eatery in a hotel. It is among one of the finest in Tel Aviv and Isreal as a whole. You will find any kind of cuisine you want here. 

  • Havat Tzuk

This restaurant is also owned by a well-known chef. Its cuisine is one of a kind and the arrangement is unique. In the restaurant, you will find cuts of locally grown meat hanging in the window. This is a place you do not want to miss. 

Things to do in Israel

With the cultural and religious diversity found in Israel, there are always exciting things to see and do. This country has a history like no other and you will find yourself lost in wonder. It is possible to spend the whole year just exploring the places that this country has to offer. Here are just a few to get you started:

  • Jerusalem’s Old City

This is a 220-acre walled area where culture, spirituality, and history has been concentrated. It has four sections each belonging to Muslims, Christians, Armenians, and Jewish. While walking you may be able to pick up some century-old and even millennia-old stories. This place is flowing with pilgrims from around the world wanting to trace the steps of Jesus. You can see places that were mentioned in the Bible such as the Tower of David, King David’s tomb, the Last Supper Room, etc.  

  • Visit the White City

This place is found in Tel Aviv rife and is full of Bauhaus and Internations-style buildings dating back to the 20s and 30s. It was named the White City in 2013 and also designated as a Unesco World Heritage Site because it has the largest amount of Bauhaus building in the world. 

  • Visit the Tel Aviv Museum of Art

In this place, you will find the best art in Israel and new and old masters. It has a huge collection of modern, contemporary, and Israeli art. You will be amazed at what you will find in that place. 

  • Go to the Old City of Jaffa

This city is located by the seaside with Levantine influence, Ottoman-era sidewalks with many galleries, churches, and restaurants. This is one of the oldest cities in the Mediterranean basin. Here, you will find many attractions that will blow your mind. 

  • Baha’i Gardens 

This garden is built by the members of the Baha’i faith who consider Mount Carmel to be a holy place. It is one of the most famous attractions in Haifa. This garden starts from the foot of the mountain and makes its way to the top. At the center, you will find the Shrine of Bab, where the founder of their religion was buried. 


The affiliate marketing world will take you to the best of places, this time around it is Israel. DMIEXPO has provided the opportunity to widen your horizon and get the knowledge to boost your income. Do not waste this opportunity, you need to get the most out of this event. 

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